'Must stay on Task...'Must not be distracted by Knitting!

Given the list of things I need to attend to in the next few days I have no business being on line looking at anything to do with knitting.

But checking my email just now I found notification the latest Brooklyn Tweed "Wool People" is out...I weakened, succumbed to temptation and had to take a peek...

My goodness I think I could just knit BT patterns for the rest of my days and nothing else...well...maybe not all the rest of the days...sometimes I would have to also knit baby things as gifts in which case I could also knit a thing (or 10!) from this too!

Seriously, Jared Flood and his crew and Nora Gaughan could keep a knitter like me happy and busy...that reminds me, not only do I have no business looking at knitting on line I also have no business taking time to blog about it either!

'Must run!

P.S. Its not like I'm on line looking at knitting stuff because I haven't been knitting in real life! Despite dedicating much of yesterday to His and Her's Thank You Mitts, as of this minute I'm still one mitt short of a full "Thank You" load...I have no business even being on line!


Lorraine said...

You need a break, what harm can there be in looking at some knitting pr0n?

Anonymous said...

Wow I do like the zip cardigan with interesting elbow ribbing. I am nervous about zippers though.
Enjoy your holidays!
Lisa R-R