Sockhead Hat by Kelly McClureFO

Pattern: "Sockhead Hat" by Kelly McClure
Source: Free Ravelry Download
Yarn: Tanis Fiber Arts Sock
Source: DKC Frolic
Modifications: None

Started as a lark, more to use up the yarn than anything while car knitting to NYC over Christmas but most of its construction occurred over three evenings in T.O. watching the Star Wars Trilogy.

Around and around and around knitting mindlessly in the dark with only the Stars of the "Galaxy", the blue-white flash of explosions and the flickering of the fire to see by. In other words I just knit but never really paid any attention to it.

Then quite suddenly it seemed to materialize into a hat.

Then again, without any real expectation to do so, I wore thing.  It pulled so nicely down over my ears with a generous ribbed brim it was long enough to cover my neck, under my cowl and scarf, creating a complete block against the wind, once the collar of my coat was turned up.

It also turns out that it goes with a lot of things!  The yarn in the skein was such a riot of equal parts garish green, pink, blue and white I thought it would be an orphan for sure but the net affect once knitted up is very chameleon-like. The pieces I wear with it with visually dictating what will appear prominent among the colours of the hat.

Its such a great piece a couple of other knitters from Craft Group have whipped up Sockhead hats of their own after seeing mine!

Bottom line on this free pattern is it is meant to use that single skein of multicoloured sock yarn, will work equally well with any solid or marled colour if that's what you prefer and Darling Daughter tells me the shape and fit make it bang on trend right this red hot minute. Its all a surprise to me!


On Line Knitting Fun

'Went through my "favourites" on Ravelry getting re-aquainted with some lovely possibilities.  I discovered a surprising number of things once favourited but since knit and things I don't even like any more.  Out all those characters went!What a useful, gratifying exercise!

We opened the cottage last weekend and as this coming long weekend approaches I've been perusing the site for the new Indie Dyer "Georgian Bay Fibres". I could easily head in there from the cottage on Saturday, if she's open, and see her stuff first hand as I didn't attend the Frolic where she had a booth. I've been musing about what I might like to make in one of her Georgian-Bay inspired colourways. (Hence the trip through the "Favourites" file!)

My New York cousin put me onto Wool and the Gang. Nothing particularly new here for long time knitters but it is fun to see how the "Cool Kids" are presenting knitting for fun, profit and to maybe even  to save the earth!

I finally forced myself to break down and take a few pictures to update my Ravelry page and start posting again. I've been putting it off waiting for Darling Daughter to take some pics of my Sockhead Hat on my actual head but its taking forever and I want to get on with things so...

(Don't worry, he looks upset but he isn't. Darling Daughter also tells me he looks like a "Hipster" - he isn't one of those either. He's just working at not moving - something he knows will lead to a great fun race down to the treat jar as soon as the hat comes off him.)

All this on-line dreaming and scheming is helping me fire up my knitting mojo again. Before (if) the heat hits, Cottage season can be a most productive time. I want to be ready for it.


Receiving Blanket FO

Pattern: Based on "Reversible Blanket" by Debbie Bliss
Source: Debbie Bliss Magazine Fall/Winter 2009
Yarn: A Mystery found in My Late Mother's stash
Needles: 2.75 mm circular
Start: August 2012 Finish: May 2014
Modifications: Used the diamonds of the Bliss pattern  but worked at a much smaller gauge with finer yarn and did not work a second blanket to facilitate reversibility.

Dirty Blankie is no more but in its place I've "found" a sweet little (clean!) receiving blanket 25"x28".

The bath (and I do mean a full-on wool washing - not an easy little "Soak") did the trick on the dirt, grime, sunscreen and even chocolate smears that adorned it in its WIP phase.

A basic little raised diamond pattern "moving" the right side purl nubs on both sides of the work yielded a piece that "ticks all the boxes" for what I consider ideal in a receiving blanket.

  • The soft creamy colour will allow the real star of the show - the infant - to be the centre of attention rather than having a visually bossy yarn demanding the spotlight.
  • The blended yarn will be serviceable. (Those wee babies tend to "leak" so many liquids - wash ability is a must.)
  • Its not so big or thick as to overwhelm a new baby's little body
  • The fingering weight yarn knit on a 2.75mm circular creates a soft, drapey piece that will easily wrap arms and legs in tight for a great sleep-inducing swaddle
There's four balls remaining of this yarn - not enough for another blanket but I could probably get one of those impossibly tiny newborn-sized cardigans out of it!



Should have included a pic of "Dirty Blankie" the other day...

Here's a link to a first hand account about a new female Shearer trained with the help of funds from Shepherd and Shearer. Seem's they're planning a second go around of the Shepherd/Shearer program this year!

Have you seen the new Spring issue of "Wool People" from Brooklyn Tweed? Here's the super fun teaser video. Here's the actual collection. An ingenue and a more mature woman modeling. I love many of the patterns but only the ones on the younger girl. Happy coincidence? Wishful thinking? Denial? A bit of both?!

I attended an Afternoon Tea yesterday - beautifully executed with lovely little tea sandwiches, fresh baked scones, clotted cream and berries and vanilla tea that was the perfect accompaniment to everything. Look at the lovely little personalized gift bags at each of our places!

Will do my second sowing of peas today and will start some pole beans in pots for transfer when/(if?) it warms up out there.

Every day this week, including yesterday, MAY FIRST, I had painfully cold hands while walking the dog - being optimistic and wearing gloves instead of wool mitts! MAY FIRST! At least it makes getting back into my regular knitting habit easier! (As do Raptor's playoff games - WE THE NORTH!)

So despite the ice going out the other day at the lake we won't be opening the cottage for a while. We're hearing there is still a lot of frost in the ground but where its melted the soil is saturated with water that can't run off through the surrounding frozen land so cars and especially trucks/SUV's are sinking into gravel cottage roads/driveways/launch ramps etc. up to their axels. We'll wait until things thaw and dry out a bit.

'Not like I can't amuse myself around here anyway! (Is that Deco calling my name?)

Finally, lest I've led you to believe Hudson's trims make him too "precious" to go out and just be a dog everyday - this is the typical "look" he sports after an afternoon romp with his pals if the weather is at all damp. Here he's demonstrating his "On the Mat!" trick where he stays by the door until I've cleaned him up and released him to race about checking the house for any new developments that may have occurred while we were out.

Have a great weekend everybody!