Everything but blogging about it!

Life has been getting the way of posting!

Knitting has been happening - although kind of brainless, unexciting knitting. It has been more of the soothing, relaxing sort but knitting has been done and even a long overdue FO created.

Lots of other good knit blog fodder has also been occurring.

Knit-related shopping has been happening - second hand store pattern shopping and also yarn shopping at the yarn show known in Toronto as the DKC Knitter's Frolic.

I've been doing much soul searching regarding sweater knitting. I've had an "aha!" moment with regards to my favoured patterns to knit verses styles for me to wear. These two groups of patterns have little if anything in common - 'kind of a problem.

I've been measuring up the store bought clothes I like that fit and suit me to try to figure out sizing for my next sweater project. (I've decided to adopt a new approach and knit something for myself that has half a chance of fitting me!)

I've finally been invited to join Ravelry and so I've naturally been poking around in there and starting to get my stuff organized to set up my pages.

I'm even trying a new cast on for my latest pair of Trekking Socks.

So next up? Get some photos organized and post!


What's Up in the Garden

Galanthus nivalis...the common snow drop - shown here the day after the last of the snow through which it bloomed, melted away...
Old Fashioned Rhubarb from my Mother-in-Law's yard poking up under the New Dawn Climbing Rose... I can almost taste the pies and crumbles and muffins already!

Little wee bulbous iris - this one is iris reticulata Harmony... We top dressed some of the gardens as well as the lawn in the back on the weekend so I'm ready to plant some lettuces and maybe spring onions. I will also get the herbs I will eventually plant in pots outside (mint, rosemary, basil) and my annual collection of pansies for the planters.

The front yard has just today lost the last of its snow so I hope to clean that up tomorrow before we get some rain over the following few days.

I'm looking forward to knitting by the freshly washed windows this weekend watching the rain come down on a garden that's ready to go and grow!

The FO and the Frogging

The FO...

I finished the Good Old Work Socks. As I had feared I did run out of yarn and had to make contrasting toes. I used extra black yarn from the Copy Cat Socks. Its a bit too contrasty for my taste but my Beloved is pleased so off to the sock drawer and the FO list the project goes!

To recap sock details...
Yarn: Lana Grossa Meilenweit Marmi Colour #7008
Needles: 2.5mm dpns
Pattern: My Own (K4P1 rib on 80 stitches, increasing to 85 after the cuff, gusset heel, round toe.

As for the frogging...

I'm frogging the Debbie Bliss Cabled Socks despite being at the heel of the second sock. I have already finished and given one pair of these away as a Christmas gift

My original plan was to make three pairs of this same sock because...
  1. I love knitting with Cashmerino

  2. The pattern is easy and straightforward and fast!

  3. I need to perfect my short row technique
The slouchy fit I was going for isn't there and the yarn just screams out for it. I also have want to try some striped socks a la Grumperina's recent striped sock tutorial so I think I'll devote that yarn and the cashmerino in the stash originally intended for the third pair to that end. I'm also frogging a pair of plain knee highs I was working on to determine the best size for my legs. The size of the calf on that first sock is utterly depressing! With the cuff above it, the thing looks more like a small skirt than a sock. I have Clessidra on my list for someday so I'll just get rid of these plain ones, send that yarn back to the stash and wait until I have something with a little more detail to distract me from the width I seem to need.

Henry is coming along slowly. It's a pleasure to feel that Drops Alpaca slide through my hands and over the needles and with 452 stitches per row its not like there is frequent pesky turning or anything. With such long rows the pattern encourages you to check frequently to ensure the herringbone pattern is coming along correctly because "They're long rows to work backwards if you make a mistake!" The fuzziness of the yarn makes checking at row #6 of the pattern very difficult - especially over the full length of the work. So I'm knitting and hoping at the end of each row I arrive at the final stitches correctly. So far so good.

It took me three tries to get the tubular cast on to work with the first three following set-up rows. Ripping out was not good with this yarn or to it for that matter so I just hope once I can make out the pattern I don't then find I made some bone headed mistake. Fingers crossed!



I finally put my name on the list.

I use the Microsoft One Note program on our computer to keep track of details and organize my meagre little stash. Its quite an effective little tool so I didn't feel the need to do so on line but more and more often I find links on blogs that I can't access and I feel out of the loop. I can't appreciate the things to which people are referring so I thought I shouldn't hang back any longer.

After months filled with knitting small though rewarding projects I'm feeling the need to embark on a sweater. The last two I made were beautiful upon completion but apparently knit for someone with an utterly different body than mine. In my rush to cast on, I basically just rushed and cast on. Then I knit like a madwoman for weeks and ended up with perfect but shockingly miniaturized versions of what I was actually going for.

I've been following along with the tutorial on adapting patterns for the best fit that Sandi Wisehart is offering at the Interweave Knits blog. I also learned a lot from a previous lesson she did on ease. I'm feeling a little bit more confident about trying my hand at altering a pattern and after reading posts over the last couple of weeks at ten ten knits about her first foray into designing something for the first time I am thinking I should at least be brave enough to try altering a pattern!

Based on what they say on the site when you sign up about how long it takes to get to the front of the cue I am thinking that I will be in sometime next week!