2012 Knitting Tally

15 FO's

3 Rectangles
Remnant Baby Blanket

EZ February Shawl

1 Simple Tube...
Eyelet Cowl

5 Modified Tubes...
University Socks

1 Hat
Tweed Beret

And...5 Sweaters

Much of this knitting was done with a blur of unpleasant thoughts, feelings and events crowding my mind. Much of it done bedside or in hospital waiting rooms in the presence of heroic care and compassion from medical professionals matched by the heroism of suffering patients and the families around them. Even more of it was accomplished in the wake of Wakes and Funerals.

2012 was painful but inspiring. There were many milestones; good and difficult. Whatever came my way many around me, most especially My Beloved Husband and children were spectacular. I learned so much about living not only for the moment but fully in the moment.

Often that is all that matters.  Sometimes that is all we have.

Through it all, yarn and needles reminded this knitter - one little step (or stitch!) at a time - and watch the tension!

Happy New Year!
And bring on 2013!


Lorraine said...

A great knitting year, in spite of things.

Here's to a better 2013.

Anonymous said...

Very impressive tally indeed!
Congratulations on the finished objects.
best wishes for 2013!
Lisa R-R

Needles said...

Watch the tension. I'm going to hold that. Happy New Year.

Brendaknits said...

Your FO list for 2012 looks fabulous. All so perfect. No rejects?
And, like Needles, I love the expression, 'watch the tension'. An expression that all knitters will be using shortly after your post, I'm sure.