Well well well...

So what happened here? Why did I stop posting? A couple of things...

The struggle to become a proficient knitter...the thing I loved to document here, ended, happily...in success! So it felt like I had nothing more to write about.

And life...not mine so much as those around me had "events" that required my attention, attendance, most importantly my energy, that had to come from somewhere. So it seemed apt, in that moment, to take it from here.


But!  That was then. This is now and IG feels right for me to show rather than say things...and once again, I feel like I have things to say.

So I might just do that here. Not just about knitting...other stuff too...we'll see.

I haven't even looked at what's here in ages...I feel like I'm standing in a dusty old garage looking at a car I used to love to drive all the time but haven't tried to start up in forever.

I wonder if when I hit "post" whether it will even still work.

I think I'll try it and find out!


Brendaknits said...

Still works.

Bonnie K said...

Delighted to find you in my Feedly queue. Welcome back! You were missed.