And so spring really begins...

Washing windows and screens...
My Beloved's a cleaning machine. Everything for 20 feet around gets soaked but boy it all sparkles when he's done!

There's stuff ready to harvest in the garden too!
 After a long winter snipping chives for Sunday's dinner made me feel positively agrarian!

Until I started thinking about Saturday, when we made our spring time trip to My Beloved's home town smack dab in the middle of some of the most beautiful farm country in Ontario.

Up there its expected that whether you're an actual farm family or not you'll grow/freeze/preserve sufficient to prepare/serve your family 3 squares a day. You will probably  "own" if not "keep" a steer and maybe even a hog. You'll raise chickens for meat and still others for eggs. You'll also "put away" jam, relish, pickles, seasonal fruits, berries and vegetables.

The Garden isn't a hobby of Mom's (as mine is).
Its a collective effort the whole family makes towards actually feeding themselves.

And here I am feeling "fancy" snipping chives...

Nonetheless I can continue to buy direct from local Ontario farmers as often as I can while
trying to work in my own little plot as well!
I've already started! 'Even "posting" a "Guard Turtle" to protect the emerging spinach plants. He ought to keep that rabbit away right?

"Positively Agrarian". Ha!


Brendaknits said...

LOL! That is indeed a window washing. I do mine with two little Enjo cloths. One damp, one dry.

Lorraine said...

Marie- I was out washing the windows on Sunday too- I was also thinking about what I should plant this year.

It is Spring!

Needles said...

Food is hard work.