Regularly scheduled programming has been interrupted.

Last week Hudson committed what the vet calls a "Dietary Indiscretion". Don't worry I will not put too fine a point on it, nor would I likely raise it here at all except that it has gotten in the way of knitting activities.

In particular the ensuing mayhem distracted me to the point I missed the application deadline for the Work of our Hands Fashion Show.

And the persistence of the "condition"  now means I can't even attend tonight to watch the show as a spectator as the dog cannot be left alone and everyone else will be out or away on what we like to think of here as their "paying gigs".

All hands were on deck over the long weekend though which meant I was able to make good progress on winding the re purposed Jo Sharp Silk Road Aran.

In its recently freed-from-another-sweater state it's less lofty than the fresh remnant ball with which I swatched so I'm going to make another with the used yarn and check out the difference.

And the winner of the "what shall I cast on this weekend" lottery was the Orkney Angora Mitten project...

It has not disappointed one bit. Colours, yarns, pattern - all fantastic on their own and together!

Except for the headache of moving between dpn's, two-handed, stranded geometric colour work is blissful knitting indeed.

Blissful too is now having a medicated pooch resting comfortably, hopefully back to normal by next weekend and the ability to put a post together without a nasty interruption. To "celebrate"  I might even treat myself to taking a lunch hour and dedicating it to knitting! I'll let you know how that goes. In the meantime, thanks for dropping by!


Lorraine said...

Marie- Did he eat something he shouldn't have?

I knew a lady whose Corgi ate a whole Costco package of Dentyne gum, package and all.

Love your mitts!

Sue said...

Oh no I hope your dog feels better soon. Your mittens look beautiful too.