Baby Hats Project FO

Four options from which I'll be able to choose to include with Tomten for a big or tiny newborn, a boy or a girl due in three weeks or so...

2 "Troll" Hats by Gabriela Widmer-Hanke
Source: Free Ravelry Download
Yarn: (Biggest Hat)Worsted size: Berroco Ultra Alpaca "Winter White"
        DK size (Second Largest Hat): Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino "Denim"
Size: "Baby" on 60 stitches
Modifications: None
'Love the neat, graphic decreases all slanting one way and the thick-looking garter stitch band across the forehead. It infers a watchman's cap roll without having to organize one on the baby and handily echoes the garter stitch of the Tomten. 'Bet this one goes onto a little head easily and stays put once its there!

After working up these modern caps I moved on to Vintage patterns beginning with one for a little girl...
Infant Girl's Bonnet
Source: Vintage Baby Book "Beehive for Bairns"
Yarn: Viola Sock "Blossom"
Needles: 2.25
Modifications: Affixed ties to alternate point and only sewed 1/4 of neck edge closed.

Another garter stitch piece, I followed the knitting instructions for this exactly but then moved the spot where the ties that go under the chin are affixed substituting blush satin ribbons for the knitted band with button closure.

I love the little detail on the sides of the bonnet where the chin strap is intended to go (That little band edged with eyelet yarn overs) and how about those adorable swirling eyelets around the back of the head!
I worked it up right on the recommended 8st/inch gauge but 50 years ago when these patterns were written people (and their babies) were a lot smaller. I don't think this will likely to fit an average newborn today.

Nonetheless I finished it and dove into another garter stitch vintage pattern. this time for a boy...

Infant Boy's Helmet-Style Bonnet
Source: Vintage Patons Baby Book
Yarn: Koigu KPM Sock "Cloudy Sky Blue"
Needles: 4mm
Modifications: Tacked sides back, substituted ribbons for knitted ties and buttons for ribbon trims

The pattern states this Layette is knitted on "big needles" and after the 2.25's of Little Blossom Hat, that's just how 4mm  dpns seemed. Despite the bigger needles on the same sized superwash wool sock yarn this one, on 10 more stitches than required for Blossom didn't yield a piece all that much bigger.

The zigs and zags in garter bring the finished piece "in" quite a bit I guess,

I felt the "zags" protruding either side of the ears onto the cheeks were a bit excessive so I tacked them back with a button detail when adding ribbons for tying under the chin.

I've wondered for years about this question of relative size for Vintage patterns and what the effect of using different yarns for newborns versus babies might yield with baby patterns in general. This little exercise has given me some idea about that and has me looking at my remnants with a newly enlightened eye.

And a new desire to cast on a hat for myself which is just what I did during the Super Bowl last night. Its a slouchy toque but in Aran weight yarn at a much larger gauge, its on roughly the same number of stitches as the two vintage bonnets which is kind of interesting.

Oh and by the way, I saw the expectant parents over the weekend and gave them "Gus in his Dog House". They were tickled by the likeness to their "first baby" as they call him. Pregnant mom noted I've given her gifts related to the dog in the past that she cherishes and so was very pleased to receive this as a nod to both dog and soon-to-be-arriving daughter or son.

Lots of finishing over the weekend=lots of fun over the weekend. 'Hope you had a good one too!


Anonymous said...

Great collection of baby hats!
Fun way to test things out without spending months at it.
I like the look of the vintage patterns but I also felt modern babies are bigger at birth.
I can't decide which style I prefer - I like them all.

Needles said...

I love these. and the colours you choose. quite perfect!