Mitered Mittens by Elizabeth Zimmerman FO

Pattern: Mitred Mittens by Elizabeth Zimmerman
Source: Knitter's Almanac (May)
Yarn: Biscotte and Cie (Yellow) Remnant Wool Worsted (Pink)
Source: Lettuce Knit (Yellow) Romni Wools (Pink)
Needles: 4mm dpn's
Start: September 12, 2013 Finish: January 21, 2014
Modifications: Omitted Pointed Fingertip for Squared Off Shape

This sunny morning with the yard covered in Spring snow it seems topical to post some springtime mittens.

"Spring"in Canada doesn't automatically mean high temperatures or an absence of snow. It is warm-er than the depth of winter and as today's sunshine demonstrates its our brightest time of year with powerful sun and no leaves on the trees to give any shade.

With bright sun yet still cool temperatures I'm inclined to want knits in my wardrobe that are warm but bright and maybe a bit whimsical after trying to stay seriously warm during the previous winter months. I've knit a few pieces to these specs in recent years and I enjoy having them in my "Spring" wardrobe but there was nothing along these lines among my mitts/gloves.

So I dedicated this gorgeous skein of Biscotte&Cie yarn in the aptly named colourway "Vitamine C" to a pair  of EZ's mitred mitts.
Their single layer of stockinette, while insufficient to fight a blast of winter is just the thing for this time of year.
A second pink pair followed quickly thereafter in remnant worsted before knitting any afterthought thumbs. (I really prefer a gusset thumb don't you? Not as easy to knit but they function so much better!)

The pink ones got snipped, "thumbed", finished and I think, within hours, worn way ahead of their "Spring time" purpose paired with the garter stitch dk weight ones as pictured below. The pink giving a nice added length at the wrist and of course warmth to the hands!
The narrow shape and squared off finger tips I substituted for EZ's pointed ones also make them perfect to layer together too. I love their strong equal tones visually holding each other at bay!
Although thumbs for the yellow pair followed shortly after the pink ones their sunny colour seemed a bit much. Now, though, their "moment" has arrived. They'll be perfect to wear downtown tonight to the DKC!
Happy Spring!


Brendaknits said...

Those are glorious mittens. Long on my list of 'wanna knits' from EZ. Nw reading how quickly they knit up, I wonder why I've waited.

Acorn to Oak said...

I really like those. The design has really nice, clean lines and the colors you chose are cheerful and pretty. I like how you can layer them too. Very cool!