Well That Was Fun!

A few years ago a Twist Collective Trunk Show came to the DKC.  There were a couple of dozen items shown that night. Fiona Ellis did colour commentary on the stage for each garment and Kate Gilbert, the editor of Twist, participated via Skyp from her home in Montreal on the huge screen over the stage. There was a good crowd that enjoyed a good show.

Last night took that premis and shot it out of the proverbial cannon...

To start with, there were 70 garments modelled for a packed room with only the odd seat to spare. All the pieces from the current Fall 2013 collection were shown as well as the entrire Spring 2013 collection as well as groups of garments by Fiona, Nora Gaughan, and Kate Gilbert.

As the models walked they carried printed signs with the garment information - pattern name, yarn, designer as the relevant page from the Twist site was projected above the stage. On top of all that information like juicy stuff about inspirations or design features or little back stories like knitting samples up for photo shoots in Paris while en route to the shoot by train from the French countryside.

Kate Gilbert was on stage in person with Fiona and also on hand to comment on their designs were Toronto designers Laura Chau, Glenna C. and Barbara Gregory.

Members of the audience wearing Twist pieces were invited on stage so everyone could appreciate their work.

Variations on the patterns were also highlighted as varied versions from the audience were showcased.

Being in the show, I was only able to see little moments of it so I asked a knitter from the audience how she had found it. She said it was thought provoking - so many pieces on so many different body types from so many designers but then also seeing several items by single designers and then on top of that how knitters have interpreted designs too.

BTW, back with the models it was a very busy couple of hours but what a fun and entertaining group of knitters!

It was a great kick off to the DKC 2013-2014 season.

Next month is the annual Yarn Company presentation of new and exciting yarns and trends. I had great fun last night but I will enjoy sitting in the audience in October!

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Brendaknits said...

OMG! What a wonderful evening that must have been. So many high profile designers all in one room. Seeing all the sweaters on all the different body types is such a plus. What fun. I am so-o-o envious.