Crochet at the DKC

Last evening was the final DKC meeting before the summer break and the featured speaker was master crocheter Lara. Remember this post about her wedding Sari? That Lara.

Being familiar with Lara's work from the Craft Group I attend it was interesting to see and hear the response from the room full of knitters as she presented and spoke about some of her pieces.

The lucky knitters in attendance seemed duly impressed not only with the fit but also the drape and "hand" Lara consistently achieves in her gorgeous garments.This is due, in no small part, she suggested, by her admitted affinity for luxury yarns.

Obviously unusual for a speaker at the DKC Lara clarified early in her presentation she neither knits nor designs. I happen to know though she plans carefully, shops for the best yarns at bargain prices and carefully and thoughtfully matches yarns and fibers with projects. And she does swatch!

She also explained that learning/understanding cotton thread crochet for flat, decorative home dec pieces and the critical need for mastering tension when working that part of the craft was a great foundation for the development of her skills in now working with heavier luxury fibers making garments of every description. It was not lost on the audience that the thick stiffness often associated with crochet is absent in Lara's garments like skirts and drapey tanks and even dresses. They flow and drape the body beautifully.

Lara also works with heavier yarns for bulkier results that still don't seem "crochet stiff", pieces like jackets cabled pullovers and multi coloured yoke sweaters!

One of the more fascinating pieces was created using over 200 wee tiny crocheted blocks in two designs.

She even presented a crocheted lace shawl fine enough it can pass through a ring like a classic Shetland Wedding Ring Shawl.

It was a satisfying evening. For me it made the typically sparse June meeting well worth the trip downtown.

Sadly Lara isn't likely to be back to the DKC as next week as she's moving stateside. 'All the best in your new life Lara. We'll be watching your Ravelry page to keep up with your future projects!

This meeting also marked the last program organized by outgoing Program Coordinator and Master Knitter Cristina. Thanks so much Christina for so many compelling presentations over the past two DKC seasons!

So that's it for DKC until the fall. At the September meeting we'll be treated to a modeled Trunk Show of the pieces from the Fall 2013 edition of the Twist Collective. That issue will mark Twist Collective's 5th Anniversary so it should be a great show. It will be moderated by the DKC's own Fiona Ellis and may even feature other Twist Designers co-moderating via Skype!

Lots to think about from last night, lots to look forward to next year! Thanks for dropping by today - I'm off to the garden!


Fiona Ellis said...

I loved seeing Lara's work last night. She is an amazing craftsperson and has such a wonderful understand of fabric. Many of her pieces made me gasp and my heart skip a beat they were so beautiful.

Also thanks for the shout-out about the Sept meeting- it's going to be great and an almost unique chance to see all the garments for the fall issue of Twist up close.

Sel and Poivre said...

Sitting, as I was close to Fiona I can testify she was actually gasping at the sight of many of the pieces. Further testament to the sensitive treatment of Lara's work with hook, pattern and fiber!

Brendaknits said...

Her work is indeed gorgeous. Too bad she's leaving Toronto.

Lara said...

I know! But, my honey is on the other side of that southern border. He misses me. :)

Lara said...

Thank you so much for your lovely words, as always. I had a lot of fun and felt so very welcomed. I'll be sure to check my calendar, to coincide with DKC meetings, for future travels to Toronto. :)

Lara said...

Thank you so very much, Fiona. I'm overwhelmed that my work elicits "gasps" from you. :)