Advanced Planning to Guard Against Yarn Fumes

Well its Wednesday before our annual "Knitter's Frolic" here in Toronto so I'm mentally working on my plan of attack for the Marketplace on Saturday morning. I don't want to get there early trying to beat the crowds and then just toddle about hopelessly lost in the skeins and balls, batts and patterns and then walk away with nothing or, honestly worse than nothing, things I don't really want or need.

Over the next couple of days I plan to visit the websites of a few of the listed vendors with whom I'm not familiar but in advance of that I know I'll be wanting to shop for two projects in my queue that are currently without yarn.

The first is is Miss Honeychurch from Knitty '09. This summery top calls for about 1200 yards of DK hemp and I'll be looking for a suitably summery white in which to knit it. If I don't get to working it up before I make the move to the cottage it will make a great hot weather project once I'm there in July.

The second pattern for which I'll be hunting up yarn is Jared Flood's Guernsey Wrap. Jared's is of course worked in his own "Shelter" worsted. I haven't any firm vision on the colour for this but I'm leaning towards Grey. That seems simple enough but I'm on the hunt for a special yarn in a fabulous shade of  this wardrobe classic. Maybe it'll be a tweed, Maybe super pale. Possibly something with a blue or brown undertone. It could also have a hint of something luxurious. It could be natural and undyed. I'm open minded and I'll just see what I can find and if nothing strikes me as "just the perfect yarn" I'll leave it for another day.

One thing I know for sure I will find at the Frolic is hundreds of smiling, giddy knitters. They'll be all crammed together among the booths, all talking at once. I swear this event, is, on this last Sunday in April, the happiest place on earth!

I hope you're happy today! Thanks for dropping by!


Lara said...

Heeheehee ... I love the title. Shall we look out for each other on Saturday? I must leave by 3pm; evening commitment. Soooo ... I *may* have been doing a bit of research and placing bookmarks in a folder called "Frolic 2013" to minimize inhalation of said fumes. Shockingly, there are only 7 bookmarks in my folder. For your Guernsey Wrap, I'd recommend a closer look at Roving Winds Farm - http://www.cashmeregoats.ca/viewpage.cfm?PageID=4 - and www.stoddart.ca/wool

Sandra said...

I'll be there early as well - Susan and I meet for a bagel and smiked salmon breakfast in the parking lot! THen we head out with a plan of action. I'm on the hunt for icelandic sweater wool (brilliant planning for summer knitting - oy.) I have two yoked sweaters and an HBC based cardi planned. And sock yarn for Dye Version and Turtlepurl. And patterns. Any really great patterns.
And coffee with you and Brenda!!

Lorraine said...

I went last year, and it's a great place to see what is new and different. By the time I got there people were parking down the street, and it turned into another KW feeding frenzy.

But good luck, I'm sure you'll find something great to make the Guernsey wrap.

Anonymous said...

I hope you had an excellent trip to the Frolic! Lovely weather for it.

Lucky Canuck said...

It was very fun to meet you and Brenda on Saturday! So nice to put faces to those mysterious online names...Susan