Noooooo not March!

It can't be March! I'm still working on my To-be-finished-in-December January February project!

My evenings have been slammed lately and for a variety of reasons, (none of them mine!), there have been a number of very early mornings. Taken together its killing my headway on Ranger. (I'm actually sick of typing "Ranger"!)

With a weekend looming maybe the prospects could be good for an FO next week? On paper it looks promising...
  • All male family members are currently skiing in the Rockies hence no cooking or skiing for me this weekend.
  • Darling Daughter will of course be "out".
  • I've some shovelling to do after this week's storm but there's no precipitation in the forecast to  prompt anything other than that catch up effort.
Over the weekend I have plans to take Hudson for his first Obedience Trial experiences before the real ones start to happen in the spring. There is one each day and that will eat into the time. But still...all I can do is hope and in every spare moment, Knit!

Have a great weekend. thanks for dropping by!

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