"Seathwaite" by Kate Gagnon Osborn FO

Pattern: Seathwaite by Kate Gagnon Osborn
Yarn: Yorkshire Spinners BFL Undyed
Source: Romni Wools
Size: One Size
Start: November 10 Finish: November 18, 2015
Modifications: None

Can you tell by the way this girl is smiling she was happy with this knit?

I had great luck with how knitted gifts were received this Christmas - this one getting it all going on Christmas Eve morning when she dropped by the house and I pointed out there was something under the tree with her name on it.

Seathwaite is the 5th installment of #FringeHatalong at FringeAssociation. It starts with a doubled brim folded over and knit together on the inside for a warm and springy start to a straightforward cabled beanie.

I picked up the yarn - West Yorkshire Spinners BFL - at Romni as I flew through the store mid December. Its the stuff I'm interested in knitting with at the moment. 'Must remember next time I'm in there to take time to look around for more.

I wet blocked it without pinning. It kept the cables nice and round while still opening up the ribbing of the band nicely.

Straightforward, error free, pleasant knitting, well received. Pretty nice!

Nice of you to drop by...thanks! 

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Lorraine said...

Marie- Interesting yarn- I wonder if Romni has more???