At Last!

Early on in the year I happened on a test knit going on for a casual pullover pattern and right away wanted to knit it up.

I thought Daelyn would be perfect for my repurposed yarn. When that yarn and I were ready to go, unfortunately, Daelyn was not. Hence the EZ seamless yoke is on my needles now.

Just yesterday though I saw among the top ten patterns on Ravelry that it had finally been released. In almost the same moment I also realized I don't want it in wooly wool, as I did in the middle of the winter's cold weather, I want it in a cotton blend so I can wear it like a sweatshirt-type of piece rather than a sweater.

I just love how the garter stitch back continues down past the point of the underarms and curls around the front until neatly joining into the bottom band of ribbing. Very clever and all the test knitters just raved about it.

So now I finally know what I'll be (primarily) on the hunt for at the Toronto Knitter's Guild Frolic April 25th.

And speaking of the TKG, Fiona Ellis is speaking tomorrow night at the meeting. I'm going to go and finally see the newly renovated Innis Hall and check out what seems like a whole new breath of fresh air stirring through the Guild.

I only recognize a couple of the names on the newly acclaimed Executive. It seems bursting with new people and no doubt with them will come fresh energy and ideas too. Many thanks to those who put their names forward!

Now I'm off to the garden centre - I "feel" some Pansies coming on...at last!

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