Contrary to what my posting rate infers I have been knitting and scheming about knitting and reading about knitting on line and even finishing things. I've even been writing posts about it - both in my head and at the keyboard. I just haven't been hitting the "Publish" button.

So here we go with a big post to catch everything up then I can delete all the unused "Drafts" and start fresh...

This week I'm in town as Number One Son prepares to head off to London for the next six months. (I'll admit to a mild panic about this but also know in my heart that the late teen/early twenties are not years when guys typically hang around with their mothers all the time and judging from his Instagram feed - its probably just as well!)

Without him working at the cottage all summer there'll be no reason I can't travel back and forth to the city with My Beloved between weeks when he's on holiday. It'll be the first time I've had a summer like that in 15 years or so. I'm looking forward to it in many ways - it'll be such a novelty to just be the two of us (with a big poodle of course!).

This week we are also having to arrange for a new vehicle. Mine "got all wrinkled" as My Beloved likes to put it, through no fault of ours and with no injuries incurred, so many thanks for that to the Powers that Be!

A week and a half ago Hudson and I got the most basic of Obedience Titles - PCD) and the first of three "legs" on the next (CD). I set my sights on this stuff as a kid 'so its very gratifying to finally be on our way beyond the uber-basic CGN designation he earned last year! (There are many, progressively more difficult levels in Obedience - we'll see how far we go but practising for the ring yields a better quality of life for the Dog and all of us and for an amazing bond between Hudson and I so I don't plan to quit any time soon.)

May/June also saw me re-activate my epic framing and photo cataloguing project wherein I'm looking to the images/artwork/items we've amassed over the years, organizing them and arranging them to best be part of our home/decor/daily life instead of being stored in boxes out of sight and mind.

And knitting? I am a button band away from finishing "Tinder". I started scheming this knit back in 2011!

I cast on some socks, revived a long neglected half finished pair and made up a little packet to leave in the car so when we travel back and forth to the cottage I can knit instead of being a crazed nervous passenger.

I finished the Maplewood Mitts that I have no memory of either starting or almost finishing back in February.

The cottage floor can get cold at night and EZ's double knit pad from Knitter's Almanac has long intrigued me as an insulating mat to replace the stack of old folded blankets we currently use to address this with Hudson. So I started one using Briggs and Little "Super" in "Khaki" that I picked up at Romni last month.

EZ's method for achieving a nice flat garter border is very slick and of course working with such big yarn always feels like a novelty so I'm enjoying working on it and I feel good about the results so far.

I'm looking forward to soon finishing off "Deco" once and for all. After knitting the body and shoulders twice in four months last year I've only got a couple of sleeves and some button band work for that one to be wearable.

Similarly close to the finish line are my Olympic Leggings. I've taken a few runs at the waist band but I've yet to create anything satisfactory in the way of fit/rise so once Deco is done I'll likely turn my attention to those.

I've also taken a bunch of socks and a pair of knit gloves needing darning to the cottage and added them to my knitting project pile. They will be good to work on when having a heavy piece of wool knitting on my lap doesn't suit the weather.

My most anticipated project for the summer will be "Devlan" by Bristol Ivy using remnant Shepherd and Shearer yarn. I've been swatching carefully as the yarn's limited but with narrow sleeves, a cropped design and a drapey stockinette fabric I should be able to squeek one out with about 50 yards to spare. Many of the smaller projects for this on Ravely cite a tendency for this to come out on the large side so I may even risk making it a size smaller than I would otherwise try but will give me even more latitude on the yardage. Knit in one piece and from the top down I'll know pretty quickly if it isn't going to work.

It'll be a great treat if I can be knitting this in late August as the weather gets cooler and I peruse the new fall offerings without any lingering projects, project requirements or stash beyond a few remnants and one lonely ball of sock yarn. (BTW do remnants count as stash? I'm never sure about that.)

So now here we are, with Canada Day behind us looking forward into July. By late Saturday morning we should have word that our "wee boy" is safely over the pond, as they say, we'll have picked up our new vehicle en route to the cottage and I'll be knitting away on my socks as we head north among the trees, rocks and lakes of Ontario cottage country.

Once we arrive and unpack I'm looking forward to a Gin and Tonic lakeside and diving into all those projects!

So there! Summer 2014 is officially underway and this blog is all caught up!


Steven said...

Wow -- so busy! Glad to see all the delicious fruits of your labors!

Lorraine said...

Marie- Congrats to you and Hudson. You and he will be best buddies this summer.

A friends' daughter is in England as an Au Pair, and is having a great time. She just went to Glastonbury, so your son will love it.

Enjoy your summer, and getting caught up on projects- and planning some Autumn knitting.

Needles said...

That all sounds so wonderful. Even when it means is that you will miss your son. And you and Hudson? Way to go both of you. I can only imagine the dedication and effort on both your parts. And then the drives. One of the nicest things in life is days where you and your hun are just together doing something ordinary. These are the priceless things. It sounds wonderful

Sandra said...

nice to see you back (says one who has also been a bit ax in the posting dept...)
I've been doing the cottage knitting as well, but am scattered as to what I want to knit - I always bring too many projects with me, then have problems making the decision!

Anonymous said...

Summer 2014 sounds excellent indeed. I look forward to seeing the results later on, whenever you are ready to share.