On Line Knitting Fun

'Went through my "favourites" on Ravelry getting re-aquainted with some lovely possibilities.  I discovered a surprising number of things once favourited but since knit and things I don't even like any more.  Out all those characters went!What a useful, gratifying exercise!

We opened the cottage last weekend and as this coming long weekend approaches I've been perusing the site for the new Indie Dyer "Georgian Bay Fibres". I could easily head in there from the cottage on Saturday, if she's open, and see her stuff first hand as I didn't attend the Frolic where she had a booth. I've been musing about what I might like to make in one of her Georgian-Bay inspired colourways. (Hence the trip through the "Favourites" file!)

My New York cousin put me onto Wool and the Gang. Nothing particularly new here for long time knitters but it is fun to see how the "Cool Kids" are presenting knitting for fun, profit and to maybe even  to save the earth!

I finally forced myself to break down and take a few pictures to update my Ravelry page and start posting again. I've been putting it off waiting for Darling Daughter to take some pics of my Sockhead Hat on my actual head but its taking forever and I want to get on with things so...

(Don't worry, he looks upset but he isn't. Darling Daughter also tells me he looks like a "Hipster" - he isn't one of those either. He's just working at not moving - something he knows will lead to a great fun race down to the treat jar as soon as the hat comes off him.)

All this on-line dreaming and scheming is helping me fire up my knitting mojo again. Before (if) the heat hits, Cottage season can be a most productive time. I want to be ready for it.

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Brendaknits said...

Thanks a bunch for the two great links. One so close and one so 'big city hip'. I do the same with my favourites from time to time. Crazy to see what I thought was attractive just a short time ago.