When last we "chatted" my mind was crazily racing around considering knitting options and next steps. Sometimes knitting decisions elude me as chase and consider the options to an extreme degree. (aka "dithering") This habit is something I learned at my mother's knee.

Contrast that with my Aunt - Mom's sister - 'talking with her late last week I mentioned the Yarn Harlot's washcloth project (August 9th, 2013 post from her Archives )in worsted cotton. My Aunt asked for the link to that post. I sent it to her before I hung up the phone. This morning I learned she saw the post, called Eweknit, asked that they put some Blue Sky Alpaca Worsted Cotton in the mail to her and she started working on it yesterday while on standby for Jury Duty.

Decisiveness is right there in my gene pool. I've just got to channel it!

In my defence I did work these up to almost completion on the weekend and was happy with how they showcase the yarn but the elvin-esque point at the top doesn't make me happy.

So I left it for a couple of days then last night decided on mitten two to work the finger tip shaping a bit later and a lot squarer grafting 10 stitches each side rather than drawing the yarn through 4 from each of front and back.

('Given myself the finger tip shaping I wanted in Pinion but lost to adding needed length on that pair.)

Tonight is the September DKC meeting. I'm going to get to wear something(s) from the current Twist Collective Trunk show Fiona Ellis is organizing and of course, like everyone else at the meeting, ogle the whole collection. Maybe I'll also get a chance to fly my alternate yarn ideas for Celtic Icon past her! Maybe I should just resolve to do whatever she says and not fret about it any further.

(I recognize that wouldn't make me any more decisive, just more compliant but it would get a decision made. Baby Steps!)

Also on my list for today is to organize my travel knitting for DC. 'Just pack up whatever it's going to be and stick in in the suitcase.

Yes. Decisive. That's me! (kind of , hopefully, in a short burst today! ;)

Thanks for dropping by!


Needles said...

Dithering. Oh how I know this. I spend an amazing amount of time dithering even getting dressed these days. I start thinking of something as I am putting on my socks and pretty soon 10 minutes have elapsed and I still only have half a sock on. Dithering. You nailed it!

Protagitron said...

Love the colour of your mitts, though it's really making me want a pumpkin spice latte at nearly midnight!