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Deco...I want the "boxy" look Kate Davies describes in the Deco pattern notes but my figure can be a bit assertive in a boxy look. Hence I've contemplated omitting decreases. I read in one Raveler's Deco notes she added stitches (across the back just prior to dividing for the armholes I assume) to make the stitch count at the chest match those at the hip. Doing that would mean I could avoid messing with the Deco pattern at the yoke and around the armhole. My dilemma is, that turns this boxy cardigan into an hourglass shape - much like me but unlike the sweater I want.

I "carried" that conundrum with me yesterday and thought it over as I tidied garden beds of their winter detritus. By the time I came back into the house I had dirty hands, a slightly sore back and resolve to move ahead with adding 8 stitches across two rows and fairly close to the sides so as to hide their presence (an unecessary worry now that they're in and all but undetectable). Now I can work the pattern as written for the fronts. I'll just have to tweek the Deco detail across the back for the revised stitch count. Hopefully its enough. If I still need room I can always tinker with placement of the snap closures.

Much like these two little pots of Basil in an afternoon sunbeam there's nothing wrong with getting what you need from somewhere other than an obvious place right?

Now Hudson and I are off  for our morning hike. Then its back to the garden. Winter leaves quite mess behind! Have a great day and thanks for dropping by! 

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Steven said...

I always find that doing something else can help focus your mind on the true concerns. That shot of the basil in the sunbeam is beautiful -- such shiny floors!