Lost and Found

Hips on rosa glauca species shrub rose
Lost: A couple of hours this morning (and I'm not done yet!) to shoveling the driveway and knocking heavy wet snow off badly bent branches around the garden.
Already Blooming Witch Hazel hamamalis virginiana

Found: A thrill at having had the foresight to plant for visual interest...

cornus "Winter Fire" Dogwood
 ...regardless of the season!

I have also "lost" a few inches of progress on Ranger but have "found" solice that the loss is not due to a stupid error of omission or failure to pay attention. I made a decision to interpret the instructions that was...um....wrong but it was nonetheless a decision and for some reason this makes me feel much better about it. You don't suppose I might be finding some perspective with this knitting thing!?! Nahhh, couldn't be!

Thanks for dropping by!


Steven said...

Such beautiful photographs of the late winter world. Those reddish dogwood stems are particularly lovely in the snowy whiteness.

Sigrun said...

Wish we had some signs of spring here.
BTW: Knitting helper here!!!

Brendaknits said...

That good feeling about the mistake is all about control. This control freak recognizes the feeling. :)
Love the garden shots.

Sandra said...

I spent a lot of time yesterday helping our poor cedar hedge out from under a heavy coat of heavy wet snow. Then did it again this morning. THe boys shoveled yesterday, but then husband took off to Memphis and left me and the younger one with the 8 inches that fell overnight. Fun. Now I'm at work, trying desperately to find a reason not to be here...