I found a couple of great things on line this week....

Check out this post by the Sherriff of Knittingham listing 10 great mitten patterns.

Next are these...oh I so want to make some of my own!

My friend Mary forwarded this link to Eunny Jang's current blog. I kind of knew she had one going but I'd never visited.

All week I've been following along as Kate Davies has been revealing the patterns in her about-to-go-on-sale-Dec-3rd Book on Shetland Knitting. I enjoy seeing her patterns. They aren't all for me but there is a purity in the connection between the yarns and colours she chooses and her designs that feels so right. Never mind the way she styles and models them in those spectacular settings. Its like a travel/knitblog all in one.

And finally if you've ever knit a doggie sweater there's this.

Have a great weekend! Happy December!

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