Generous Knitters

At the hands of other generous knitters I have had a fortuitous couple of days!

(At the hands of Number One Son 'home from school working on a creative (messy!) project I have had no access to our desktop either! But I digress.)

Last Friday I was able to attended a Knitty Yarn Tasting at The Purple Purl because while I was at the cottage without Internet connection last summer my generous knitting friend Cheri was kind enough to sign me up before the spots were all filled.

Then when I arrived at The Purl Cheri popped something into my bag of needles where I utterly forgot it until, during my Monday morning tidy I went to put the needles away and in it I found...A Present! Wrapped in an adorable cotton scarf!

And just look what it was!

I love little note books. I love documenting stuff but especially my knitting and knitting ideas! This one has the added bonus of also containing great reference information.

I love the inclusion of an emergency rolled brim hat pattern for

 "...when you're faced with a long car ride, you're itching to knit but don't have time to focus on starting a complicated project..." 
(Measurements included to make it in any size from baby to man!)

Aaaand the essential elasticized thingy to keep the book closed in your bag!

She signed me up, saved me a seat and gave me a present!

Then this morning, with the computer once again to myself, I logged on to find I'd won a birthday draw over at Curlerchick's. Its her birthday and I'm going to get a fab pair of custom made PJ pants in the fabric of my choosing!

I've made a slew of PJ's over the years but never for myself and no one else has ever made any for me. Yet on Sandra's Birthday she's going to do just that.

Her birthday...I get the present!

Generous knitter indeed!

Now I have to run - 'have to select the fabric for my PJ's and take my measurements to send to Sandra. I have the numbers for my upper body documented and memorized for knitting but I've ever even taken them for the bottom half of me!

'Have a great day! I'm obviously having one already! Thanks for dropping by!


Brendaknits said...

With those measurements in hand, you might be inclined to knit a pair of EZ's 'nether' region long johns. :)

Sandra said...

I look forward to your choice! Comfy pj's coming your way soon!

Acorn to Oak said...

Generous indeed. What a great friend to sign you up, save your seat and give you such a nice gift. And, the PJ's from Sandra....isn't that awesome?! Congrats! I won a gift of project bags from her a couple of weeks ago. I love that idea of having give-aways for birthday month. I'm thinking of doing that too. Have a wonderful day!