Summer Square #2

'Found 12 hand wound balls without labels among my mom's stuff. A burn test indicated a blend with some wool content so I thought I'd at least give it a try.

I  played around with EZ's Square Baby Shawl Pattern from Knitter's Almanac but the yarn wasn't nice enough to make the piece work. So I ripped it out and started cruising around for a baby pattern that would suit.

Debbie Bliss, my go-to gal for baby knits had a good concept in one of her magazines.

The pattern suggests two contrasting blankets whip stitched right sides together to yield a two-sided, heavy weight piece of bedding.

I decided to start with one side, see how far the yarn takes me and if I get to a good size within the first half of the yarn I may work the second design.  I may or may not then attach it to the first.

Meanwhile the whole thing (swatching, starting the EZ version, ripping, trying and sticking with the DB pattern) all happened during the intense heat wave we had in July. I was putting sunscreen on almost before I got out of bed in the morning and reapplying often through the day. I never touched this white yarn without sun screen residue on my hands. Never. So the bottom section has a distinctly grimy tinge I'm hopeful will wash out.

In the meantime its an easy, self evident pattern that's great for knitting on the road/subway/waiting room etc. No rush, no hurry just nice mindless knitting in nice, looooooong rows. Ahhhhhhh!

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Aline said...

I think its lovely. am so into textures these days. nice to hear from you!