My FirstTwined Knitting Mittens FO

Pattern: Tvaandsstickning Mittens
Source: Mairi McKissock
Yarn: Ella Rae Classic Solids (Navy #30), Sheppard Classic (Cream) Worsted
Needles: 3 mm dpns
Start: May 3, 2011 Finish September 30 2012

I'm not surprised to be very pleased with the outcome of this effort. After taking a class at the DKC Frolic where we learned the technique on a small sample mitt a couple of years ago I waited a whole year before casting on for a full sized pair. Then after tackling the first mitt I left them aside for months so needless to say it feels great to finally have them done.

I am surprised at the reaction to them in my house. Non-knitting, "itchy"wool wary, "mom why do you knit such weird stuff" offspring - male and female and even My Beloved have asked about them, unsolicited tried them on and remarked how warm they will likely be, how they will stop the wind even how in February these mitts are sure to keep out the chill.

They actually like the way they look! The graphic navy and white of these stripy mittens wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea - I thought but I've recently been told by those same offspring these mitts have a "vintage, hand crafted "look" that is popular right now! Knock me over with a feather!
Why is it so exciting to me when I make something a family member likes/wants/appreciates? It feels thrilling and pathetic all at the same time. The mitts themselves though are just plain thrilling I think!
On the surface, physically twining the yarns around each other seemed daunting as does the prospect of releasing the accumulated twist of one ball around the other but its really very easy.

I admit sorting out "Z" vs. "S" plied yarns is beyond my interest so who knows if I used the right yarn to maximize the benefits of twisting but they seem to have worked out quite well even if all they are is simply stranded.
The instructions for making these mitts are several pages which at first is a bit daunting but outlined in perfect and easy to follow detail are specific patterning directions for cast on edge, little twisty hangy thing and cuff embellishments...
thumb gusset for areas both above and below the thumb...
Textured detail (charted) for the mitten backs...
and striped shaping on thumbs and mitten tops...
You can follow these same instructions using two balls of the same colour to yield a textured rather than striped and patterned effect but as a first try with this technique its nice to have the contrasting colours - they highlight errors beautifully to allow for corrections without ever having to rip back.
Being worked up in worsted yarn they go very quickly if you stay at them...which is what I plan to do for my next pair - after all the first ones are so popular around here!

The new yarn, a  heathered oatmeal and heathered navy will produce a softer look than the more contrasting cream and dark navy I used first time around.  
How fun when one project begets another! How fun when you drop by! Thanks!


LaurieM said...

I'm confused, did you twine them, or are they stranded?

Either way, they are quite lovely.

Sandra said...

beautiful! I have a similar pair, and although the boys I live with are not interested, some of the girls the younger one hangs with have shown an inordinate amount of interest in them!

Mary Keenan said...

Omigosh, I can't believe you finished yours before I finished mine!! Well, mine are finished, just not 'finished' if you know what I mean (ends run in etc.). Also, I didn't do patterning - yours are so lovely with all the extra detail. We'll have to compare notes in February and see how we do for warm hands :^)

julia in KW said...

Lovely mitts - I love them!