Happy Halloween (Felted Pumpkin FO)

Pattern: Miniature Felted Pumpkin by Tracy Batchelder
Source: Ravelry
Yarn: Remnant Orange/Green/Brown Worsted
Needles: 6mm Bamboo dpn's
Start:October 20 Finish October 30, 2011
Modifications: Held Yarn Double Throughout

After puttting some of the remnant orange from my Fair Isle styled cardigan to work in my Head Band there was still a bit of the stuff left over. So when I spotted this pattern on Ravelry in the midst of my current "Use Up My Yarn" obsession I started working them up.

When I ran out of orange I decided to try a "Gourd Style" version to squeeze one more out.

I played around with the stems a bit, with what I judge, are less than satisfactory results. Mind you, I stuffed and finished them between midnight and 2:00 a.m. Sunday morning waiting for Number One Son to come home from his second Halloween function - in his second costume! - of the weekend, so perhaps my hand and eye were a bit less than optimal at the time.

Ditto the results of the felting. I would have felted them more but I was racing to finish before heading out for our fifth evening function in the last week. Things have been a bit crazed.

Nonetheless I think they still do a good job here in knitblogland illustrating my wish, to you, my knitting friends for a ...

  Happy Halloween Everybody!


Sandra said...

I'm sure my son will be doing that in not so many years from now! SInce I make most of his costumes, and they seem to be getting more and more elaborate, I can hardly wait for the party circuit, and perhaps the couples costumes...

LaurieM said...

They're cute.

Stephanie said...

Soooo... you're probably not as excited that I'm thinking of proposing to that we all give up on social functions until after the winter solstice. ;) I would be absolutely exhausted and unusable if I were staying up that late and going out that often!

Great pumpkins though!

Needles said...

I commend your fortitude. 5 in a week would fair kill me.

I love the wee pumpkins. When I have orange left overs I now know just what to make!

Anonymous said...