Grown Up Booties #2 FO

Colour Red and Oxford
Needles: 5mm
Start:May Finish: June 9, 2011
Modifications: None

Not exactly inspired seasonal knitting here in the sweltering days of early July but these are intended for the cottage so they aren't entirely irrelevant.

Having worn through the darning on my first pair of Grown Up Booties I decided to make another pair but this time with something a bit sturdier than Manos. Does it get any tougher than Tuffy? How about double Tuffy? I held the yarn double throughout and knit 'em extra tight.. It felt a lot like knitting with rope.

The fabric is stiff so it took a couple of tries to sew them up and get the toes the way I wanted them but I'm happy now that they're done. They softened up a bit after SOAKing but they still feel like they'll take anything I can throw at them for years to come. Wearing them at the cottage means they'll inevitably encounter grit, that nemesis of fiber, so they'll need all the toughness they can get.

They feel quite soft and springy underfoot due to their thickness and I have no doubt they'll be warm!.

The Manos Booties were more luxurious than practical and being a softer fabric looked a bit less like kleenex boxes on my feet.  These are the opposite of all that but they don't feel like kleenex boxes and if they keep my feet warm and cozy and they last I'll be just as happy with this version.

Thanks for dropping by today!


Siga said...

You have booties knit in Manos? That's luxury, I'd say. These ones look warm and cozy, I'm sure you'll get loads of wear out of this pair.

Lupie said...

So cute! I've made a few of these for babies and must try the adult version.

Bibi said...

very beautifull and cool!