Oh DARN it!

I wore them constantly all winter! I couldn't help myself! They're cozy and soft underfoot, I love the way they look in that fabulous Manos and I wore them right through!

So I darned them and had a great evening last night wearing my (now repaired) slippers again. (if you're interested, the original FO details on these is in my post here)
My (Didn't get it done during the) Olympic Sweater is nearing the finish line. I worked out shaping for the neckline using only math just to see if I could do it and I'm shocked it all came together!

Since My Beloved came home early last evening we were able to eat by 7:00 leaving me lots of time to work on the big cowl collar...
I'm half way up its 10" height and about to start into the last ball of yarn. Finally I know I accurately judged how far the yarn would go. So no need to say "Darn It!" about that! 'More like "Phew!"

Thanks for dropping by!


Brenda said...

Your neckline looks great. You must have listened to your math teacher.

Anne Campbell said...

Congratulations on darning your slippers! It's something I've never managed to do.

I just love the collar on your sweater - looking forward to seeing it complete.

Stephanie said...

Good for you for darning the slippers! So many times we just throw things away when they're broken. And look how well you're doing with the sweater! It looks great. :)

elizabeth said...

That is going to look great! It's so nice when things come together. :o)