"Black Dragon" Lilly blooming in the garden today and filling the air with heady perfume

'Packing up today to head up north. Since I hope to finish the Nouveau Gloves over the weekend I'll also be taking something else to work on. The Lace Saddle Tee is still up there. I've pulled it out and looked it over recently and I'm trying to decide whether to rip both sleeves and re knit them according to the pattern or keep on with my original plan to match the second sleeve to the first technically incorrect one that nonetheless looks and fits just fine.

Ripping and re-knitting has been gratifying in my recent projects so that has me thinking I should take the plunge in this instance too.

I am also going to treat myself to a dive into my big basket of home made pre assembled "kits" and see what catches my eye.

Thank you to everyone who left such kind comments about my FO's this week. I was very interested to read Lyn's comment about superwash wool being difficult to block compared to untreated wool. I'll keep that in mind in future!  I was also pleased to read Lupie's comment that my approach to fingers in gloves was a workable one...if you follow her blog you know she has made a lot of gloves so I know she speaks from experience. Finally, the comment on my Bermuda shawl that just came in from Curlerchick Sandra was nice to receive as she was to have surgery on Wednesday so if she's commenting on my blog here on Friday she must be feeling well!

Have a great weekend, thanks for dropping by!


Sandra said...

I am feeling good, thanks. I too am at the cottage as I type, but unfortunately, am returning to the city on Sunday. Working from home with partial hours for the week.

Acorn to Oak said...

What a gorgeous photo! I hope you're having a terrific summer at your cottage. :-)