Getting Organized

One skein projects are getting so numerous in my queue/stash I'm worried I'll loose track of my plans and waste time duplicating efforts or looking for yarn/pattern combinations for things I've already planned. Yesterday I decided to get a handle on things.

I did some photocopying then bundled and bagged corresponding yarn, needles and patterns. This morning with my first coffee I worked on my Ravelry queue to get it to match those project bags. It feels so great!

Also great is the show of blossoms outside my laundry room window that I enjoyed all the while I worked on this project yesterday!

Next in line for updating in my Ravelry Project Page - 'nothing like "Spring Cleaning"!

Thanks for dropping by!


Anna said...

How very organised to put them all together! I update my Ravelry queue with what I have yarn for my moving things to near the top and noting which yarn I'm going to use for it. Beyond that my yarn is in a big pile in my sewing room with patterns jammed in it, I couldn't start something recently because I couldn't find the pattern I wanted to use, luckily it turned up!

Looking forward to seeing all the one skein projects you have planned, I am trying to do some smaller things besides socks this year but have stalled on a scarf, must get back to it soon!

Rue said...

That all looks wonderful! I love it when everything is neat and organized. This reminds me that it's time to tackle my knitting basket again. And don't even get me started on Tadpole's room!

Lorraine said...

Now that is super organized- good for you.

Joan said...

I just love me some ZipLoc bags! I've done that to my projects as well, but haven't done anything about uploading stuff onto my Ravelry page... not even my picture! What a slacker...