Eyelet Cable Cardigan by Josh Bennett FO

Pattern: Eyelet Cable Cardigan by Josh Bennet Vogue Knitting Winter 2008/09
Colour:126 Lot:090401
Needles:7mm & 7.5mm Straights
Start: October 20 Finish: November 24, 2009
Modifications: (unfortunately) none

I am very proud this knit was done in just over a month - especially since there were issues encountered and with determination, overcome.
I am tickled that by using two skeins of the Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool I got on sale at Michael's, the cost of the sweater, including buttons and tax is about $25.00.
I'm shocked that changing to a rustic brown wool from the classic cream cashmere did yield a look that is quite pleasing.
I love, love, love the buttons!

I'm quite smug that at the last second I subbed in EZ's one row buttonholes for the "yarn over, knit two together" holes stipulated in the pattern and I got them to work the first time! (To be honest, the 5' long scarf "swatch" I knit that made working the eyelet cable effortless also yielded pretty significant smugness during knitting!)

I'm cozy as can be when wearing it. Wool is utterly magical at providing warmth isn't it?
I am bummed that now that its knit, assembled and blocked to the exact size I was aiming for - the one stipulated in the pattern - the large size of the sleeves is wrecking the fit across the back. See the hand fulls of excess material at either side of the sleeves across the back?

These sleeves perfectly demonstrate why I chose to make medium sleeves for a size large body when I made the Fair Isle Cardigan. As written the patterns yield sleeves that for my body are too big at the arm scythe, too wide all along the length and too long with huge sloppy cuffs. In the first shot below, modeled by Darling Daughter - the sleeves fit - in the second shot, the sweater is on me...the sleeves are huge....
Why, why, why oh WHY didn't I modify the size of the sleeves??? I just finished a sweater with modified sleeves that, as a result, fit perfectly - why did I then turn around, clearly forgetting or ignoring or just being blithely ignorant of that success and make unmodified and hence gigantic sleeves for this one?
I. Don't. Know.

I do know what I plan to do about it though. First I plan to re Soak the thing and then lay it out without pinning to see how narrow I can make it by taking advantage of the wool's tendency to shrink inward when wet and drying.

I guess I also have to be mature and try to learn from it. To my little data base of how to alter sizing through the bust and across the back, I'm going to add details on the fact that I need an arm scythe that is generally about 7" (this one was 8.5"). I'll also note maximum sleeve length and width.

I will also ask Darling Daughter if she'd like to wear it since its actually her size. Because she is very sweet and treats her mother very well she will thank me and tell me she'd love to wear it sometime and will definitely "keep it in mind" but that I should keep it in my closet and she will get it from there when she needs it. (Translation..."I love you but why do you knit such weird stuff? I would never wear something like that.")

I am a better knitter now than when I cast on for this sweater. That is more valuable than a great fit. (I'm going to keep saying that over and over to myself in the hopes that at some point I may come to believe it.)

On a more positive and frankly thilling note - I thought I'd share the contents of an email that was waiting for me when I got up this morning from My Beloved who's in Europe on business...

"Just got up. Heading out for breakfast and yarn.
I will call later today."

Is he a catch or what?

Thanks for dropping by!


Aline la Bergère said...

OOOh! love it! A.xx

Acorn to Oak said...

The sweater looks great! I especially love the collar and I love that you made such a great garment with inexpensive, easy to get yarn. Love those buttons too!

What a sweet email from your wonderful hubby! Awwww! :-) I can't wait to see what he brings to you this time. :-)

LynS said...

I love this cardigan. The colour is great and the chunky cables suit the yarn perfectly. I would just ignore the large sleeves - anyway, I think they look fine - much better than if they were tight and constraining. Do you feel comfortable wearing it? This is always the determining factor for me

Brenda said...

I love the sweater. I bet the arms are large because with all your power walks, your upper arms are now the arms of Michelle Obama.

Liz said...

Yes, you do have a perfect catch in your Beloved. Nice sweater, even if you aren't happy with the sleeves. I am very impressed that you finished it in a month too.

Josh Bennett said...

I love the cardigan! It looks so great with that yarn. I hope that you had a good time knitting that up and I am loving all your other projects.

Lupie said...

I must pull out my Vogue and look up this sweater it is just beautiful and only $25 but the work and lessons learned Priceless!
You are an amazing knitter.

Sandra said...

I need to take a second look at that sweater in Vogue - it's always better to see one done up, rather than the overly posed and pinned versions in the magazine.
Nice Job!
And the email? my husband goes to Europe and I'm lucky if I get one email, let alone yarn or a phone call!
(Okay, and how fitting on this post is it that my Word verification was MORCUFF? I think you actually want less cuff...)

Tina said...

I love sweaters and cardis with long sleeves to keep my wrists warm. So if you can’t stand wearing it – send it my way :-) I think it is gorgous! The buttons are perfect.

Stephanie said...

Well, I love it! It's good to learn more while you're knitting, too.

Guess I just have time for a quick comment. It's great!