Breast Cancer Scarf '09 FO

Pattern: My Own using Eyelet Cable Stitch from VK Cardigan by Josh Bennet
Colour: Chantilly
Needles: 7mm Straights
Start: September 20 Finish:October 12, 2009
Size: 9"x64"
A bit of deja vu this is!
'Same yarn as last year's October Breast Cancer Scarf. Same quantity (2 balls - one donated to DKC for this program, one almost complete ball I had on hand) I really love this yarn - the perfect soft pink - fluffy but not in an overly girly way and somehow with a bit of sheen too. The slightly matted look of the yarn gives it an edge that counteracts its soft, fuzzy pinkness.

Its the same cabled eyelet pattern as the cardigan I've just cast on from last winter's Vogue Knitting. (I feel like I've just produced the world's longest swatch!) Bottom line though I think the yarn and stitch pattern are a lovely match!

I like the way the cable gives a bit of shape to the ends.

I found knitting this that I have the same feeling about making it for someone facing difficult times and yet feeling good about doing something to contribute but new this year is the contest I'm going to enter with a photo of this FO over at Cheryl's blog!

Thanks for dropping by today and if you're in Toronto tonight - don't forget the DKC meeting at Innes Hall on St. George Street. Its the Twist Trunk Show presented by DKC Member and Twist Contributor Fiona Ellis with Kate Gilbert in attendance via Skype!


Acorn to Oak said...

It's so pretty! The pattern is so detailed, I love the soft pink color, the airiness of it and the size is wonderful! And, I'm so happy you'll be entering the contest. :-)

Stephanie said...

Good luck in the contest! It looks like a great, cozy scarf.

Lupie said...

Great yarn and beautiful pattern!

Brenda said...

Ooh. You are really having a yarny time. The DKC meeting sounds like so much fun. I really like the Vogue cardigan. Very cozy looking without the frumpiness that often accompanies cozy

Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

This is beautiful Came over from Acorn to Oak and love your blog. I look forward to following you.