Two-Yarn Resolable Socks by Wayne Pfeffer FO

Pattern: Two-Yarn Resolable Socks by Wayne Pfeffer (adapted by Anne Merrow)
Colour: "Red Mix" & "Silver"
Needles: 3.75 dpns
Start: August 2 Finish August , 2009
Modifications: None

At the risk of seeming a little obsessed of late with interesting sock construction - THESE SOCKS WERE SUPER FUN AND INTERESTING TO KNIT!

Seriously, worsted weight socks? They practically knit themselves except when they're entertaining you with their wild structure!

The Tuffy left over from my cottage socks is the recommended yarn for the soles of this nifty knit. The grey tops are from a partial ball remnant from my Bonbon pullover from last summer. That means these are "free" socks - 'cost me nuttin! (Good thing too with the recent surprise shopping for major appliances we've been up to!)

Here we are - two happy cottagers who finally have warm toes during a cold summer!

The most interesting aspect of this knit are the short rows that turn the heel at the base of a standard heel flap
while the heel gusset is formed by knitting stitches at the sides of the flap together with stitches picked up along the sides of the instep.

I will never likely need to resole these but if I ever did, I'd probably be more likely to just knit another pair - they were that fun (and frankly the top of the sock is so easy and requires so little yarn - why not just start fresh?)

With "Retro Ribbed", these "Two Yarn Resolable" and "Priscilla's Dream" socks (yesterday's post) done from this book in just over a month and the Merino Lace Socks (Grumperina link - it looks like she never finished them though...?) bumping my long planned use for some straw coloured Regia originally intended for "Monkey Socks", this book "Favorite Socks" seems to be quite accurately named for me these days!

(btw this is a link to errata for this book - I just discovered that every time they reprint they add corrections so depending on when yours was published you may or may not have the most up to date set of errata - I checked for corrections and noted them in my copy or where necessary printed out the revised charts etc. and just stuck them in the spot to which the refer so I'm all ready to go whichever socks strikes me fancy.)

I hope whatever you're working on , you're finding it as fun and enjoyable as these socks were for me last week! Thanks for dropping by!


Acorn to Oak said...

Wow! Another pair of socks! I'm even more impressed with all the different construction methods you're tackling! I've never heard of some of them, including this one. I love the second picture with all the feet cozy in your new socks.

I wish there weren't so many miles between where we live. It'd be so much fun to have some sock KALs! :-D

Stephanie said...

Worsted weight socks in summer? It must be really cold up there. Hmm, I think I'm almost jealous. I'm having lots of fun knitting socks lately too! I need to update my blog with what I've got!