Retro Ribbed Socks FO

Pattern: Retro Ribbed Socks by: from Interweave Knits Favorite Socks
Colour: Shadow
Started: May 15 Finished: June 20, 2009
Modifications: Used 2.75mm rather than 2.25mm dpns to make thicker rib when stretched for wear AND substituted slip stitch heel flap & gusset for short row heel

This yarn is lovely - the wee hits of robin's egg give it depth without being spots of overt blue. The gradations of grey/silver/almost white really show off the stitch work without overpowering it.
The knitted fabric is quite satisfyingly squishy and surprisingly soft while still being woolly.

And speaking of the knitted fabric - I love the ribbing - especially at the gauge I chose. The end result was worth knitting that first sock and then frogging it to start again. The gauge swatch was accurate for fit but not illustrative of aesthetic. The only way to understand how it would look on my leg was to knit it and try it on to see it was too tight to properly show off the pattern. Now it hugs the leg and stays up without bunching at the ankle while the ribs remain parallel all the way up.
The twisted rib keeps things extra neat as the ribs travel down the leg and past the heel where I substituted a slipped stitch heel flap for the short rows from the pattern. It will wear so much better and it adds to the squish factor. I also like the way it showcases the colours in the yarn a bit. I know no one will see that when I'm wearing them but watching the colours play out in each heel as I knit them was very pleasant indeed.

The cuff on these is another detail I like very much. The top edge give just the barest hint at a ruffle - giving the eye a break from the regimented seriousness of the ribs.

These are knit on four needles. I usually use three. It was painful changing needles so much more frequently than I'm used to but the way the pattern is divided between the needles gives an automatic check on where you are in the pattern repeat which meant much more relaxed knitting throughout.

Don't you just want to reach in and give those a squeeze?


Acorn to Oak said...

Very nice socks! I really like this pattern and how they look with this yarn. The subtle bits of blue are very pretty.

Stephanie said...

Yes, I do want to squeeze them! The ribbing looks fantastic and the yarn! I would like some of that. Did you just get it from the Etsy shop or from some kind of fair? The shipping cost seems fairly extravagant to me; I'm not sure if I'd be willing to pay that.

Brenda said...

Very nice socks. The blue bits make it special.

Tina said...

These indeed look great! I love how you point out all the little details that make them so special to you. I know about how you feel. Sometimes everything is added to perfectness, isn’t it!!!