Knitting Heroes '09

Last summer I periodically posted about the knitters I was finding inspiring... Stephanie Pearl McPhee, Eunny Jang and Jared Flood.

Over the past year I've been interested to follow their endeavours in the knitting industry but I found I had to go looking for plain old basic needles and yarn knitting inspiration elsewhere. Of course I found it in the magical world of knitblogland so I thought I'd once again share the details - kind of like my own little blog awards without asking anyone to pass anything along.

The knitting hero I'm posting about today is designer Anne Hanson of Knitspot designs.

I've posted about her patterns, which are lovely but what I find inspiring is she seems to be a knitter who is really doing it all. She's got a knit design business with great collaborative industry relationships. She's also got a garden from which delicious meals are created and blogged. Somehow she develops new patterns without ever citing "secret" or "unbloggable" projects. She writes of knitting at lunch, in the car, on planes, in the evening, with friends and also spinning both on her own and with her spinning group.

Her blog posts are frequent and crammed with WIP shots, FO's, stash enhancements and tales of knitting time alone and with friends. She seems to have a wonderful community of knitters around her both physically and on line. She even works out!

I learned last year that if I just dedicate spare moments consistently to my current projects, its amazing how fast they get finished. Reading of Anne's daily accomplishments really encourages me to keep at it. To squeeze every possible knitting moment out of the day without setting the other aspects of my life aside in the process. When I do that I go to sleep at night a happy and satisfied knitter with my knitting energizing me rather than being obligatory or burdensome.

So that's why Anne Hanson is one of my new knitting heroes!

Thanks for dropping by!


Anna said...

I've also started reading Annie's blog and am enjoying it. I've also got a load of her designs on my Ravelry list and I'm knitting Caricia at the moment and really loving it (aiming to get it finished today actually!).

I've decided that while it's the school holidays I will try and fit in as much knitting as I can. I can only get away to sew for about half an hour at a time before I'm missed or in the evenings when I tend to be tired but I can sit and knit while the boys play no problem and with the amount of stuff I've got on the needles I should be able to get at least a few things done and dusted before September!

Michelle said...

Thanks for bringing attention to Anne's blog. I didn't know about it but really enjoyed it and her patterns!