My Knitting Heroes - Brooklyn Tweed

    In the last of my little summertime series on my knitting heroes I'm ending with the shortest and most direct of these posts - this one on blogger Brooklyn Tweed (Jared Flood). This knitter extraordinaire is so obviously a knitting hero of the highest order, his inclusion in the list barely requires explanation so I'll just list the illustrative facts...

  • Jared's knitting is impeccable.

  • He inspires by sharing the products of his needles and spinning on his blog using lighting, props, staging and photography that shows off the beauty of his work and the fiber of which its made.

  • He writes clearly and with great attention to detail when sharing information about his projects.

  • Jared champions process (even guage swatches!) - something of which I need to be more mindful.

  • Jared seeks out, explores, designs and redesigns with what seems like a constant eye for clever, elegant construction.

  • He seems unrelenting in finding the best yarn for the stitch as well as the drape and fit of the garment.

There you have it! Brooklyn Tweed - one of my knitting heroes.

(BTW his design work also made the cover of the Fall 2008 Issue of Vogue Knitting!)

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