Boo! I Do! Happy Birthday to You! Whew!

It was a jam packed family weekend with me flying solo as My Beloved is off on another globe trotting business trip. Nonetheless it featured a decent amount of knitting time!
The break in Halloween festivities between trick or treaters at the door and driving to pick up after Halloween Dances et. al. yielded a couple of hours Friday night. My youngest sister's wedding with nuptials at 11:00 am and an uber elegant luncheon reception meant we were home before 5:00. Even after a post analysis of the wedding with my middle sister over a glass of wine and the annual Halloween Pumpkin Roll Dessert with my kids I had an entire evening to the needles!

Sunday I deconstructed the Halloween decor and attended my little nephew's birthday party as official photographer (he and his brother loved the Jackyll and Hide masks - my sister found older brother asleep in bed with his still on!) but still the evening was wide open - knit knit knit!

Even better Gathered Pullover is a fast knit - cabling at the centre front each round keeps it feeling like eating a bowl of peanuts... just one more row then just one more after that and then maybe one or two more...

Its my first sweater knit in the round. I can see why people gravitate to this method. I can't believe, with knitting front and back all at once how quickly it seems its time for the sleeves! This was definitely a good project to pick up after the slow and plodding Honeycomb.

The tension for GP is very loose, the yarn fairly fine and the needles pretty big. Since I need to buy dpn's in the right size for this I might get wooden needles or maybe Bryspuns because I can tell its going to be hard to keep slippy heavy Aeros in place while knitting the sleeves in the round to the sleeve cap.

Looking ahead, the week looks much like the weekend - on my own at the tiller around here and pretty full but with definite opportunities for knitting.

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