Happy Halloween! (Jackyll & Hide FO)

Pattern: 2 Jackyll & Hide Hats by Sas Knits it Again - Knitty Fall 2007
Yarn: 2 balls Patons Canadiana White #00001 Lot#005
Needles: Aero 5mm circular & 5mm dpns
Start: September 30 Finish: October 30, 2008
Modifications: Second Hat made smaller to fit young child.

The large size knit as written uses almost all of a single ball of the Canadiana. Isn't it clever how they just look like sailor hats when rolled up?
Who would expect when a kid is wearing them like that that what is hiding underneath is this...
This is number one son modeling for me - he wasn't interested in having one of his own when I showed him the pattern (after I'd already bought the yarn) so I made the two for my nephew whose birthday is today. He will only be able to wear the small size at the moment so I'm giving him the second one to have as he grows.

Having seen the finished product number one son now thinks he would in fact like one for himself. What a shock ;)
The actual knitting time on each of these is little more than an evening - especially the smaller one. For the small version I cast on and knit everything at 75% of the size of the pattern up to the eye holes. That section I knit as written then above it knit 3" of stockinette as directed dividing the crown into four using my smaller number of stitches.
Oh and since its Halloween...

This is the transome window over our front door - I made this out of a huge piece of black felt and it hangs on the window frame with orange ties. At night when the kids are shelling out for treats the letters glow with the light from inside


Acorn to Oak said...

Those hats are so cool, rolled up or down. It's a clever pattern. It could work out very well on a chilly Halloween night. :-)

tiennie said...

These are awesome! I've always wanted to knit them too. Maybe next year!

sar said...

So cute!!