Friday Already?

I'm down to the last sleeve on the second Boat Sweater. Assembly and collars to follow. Snore!

We're having more heat right now than we had all summer which yesterday gave me another opportunity to wear Imprint so I grabbed it. While I was working my way through the grocery store I passed the magazine section. As I turned into the next aisle I noticed a woman there was staring right at me. As I glanced her way she called out "did you make that sweater?" Insecurity that she thought I appeared to be wearing a grade school home economics project gone wrong made me call back " Does it look like I made it?" She said "No! I was just looking at that pattern in this magazine and suddenly saw you walk by wearing it!" Freaky eh?

In the "spirit" of "Eye Candy Friday" - here's what I found inspiring in my week of domestic drudge. This is the four sides of my whirligig clothesline (loaded right out of the washer hence the colour family groupings). With the sun coming through them I thought them quite entertaining to look at and imagine as colour combinations for sweaters or socks or maybe scarves with matching mitts.

Two solid days of landry that filled the line three times over were just part of this wild and very short week of shovelling out the house while starting to get our life back on track here in the city. I'm slowly making headway so it must be time to pack up and go back to the cottage tonight. (I actually think it would be more fun to be on a train from Edinburgh to London for the weekend like Ysolda and Laura are doing don't you?)

Have a great weekend everyone - wherever you are!

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Acorn to Oak said...

That is funny how that lady saw the sweater in the magazine at the same time you walked by wearing it.

I like your laundry pictures. I miss a clothesline. I'd love to have one but we live in a neighborhood with an association that doesn't allow them. :-( We think that's crazy...but, what can we do?! Next home...no association!