Imprint is Done

I'm a happy girl.

Pattern: Imprint Tank - Interweave Knits Summer 2008

Yarn: Mission Falls 1824 Cotton - White (101), Light Blue (#403), Dark Blue (#404)

Needles: 4.5mm

Start: June 28 Finish: July 15, 2008

Pattern Modifications - None

It even fits! (Of course I'd like to it to look slightly different than it does but as my son pointed out, its a hand knit, not plastic surgery.)

I love the fact the graphic runs up the back! This is a great pattern. I'm kind of curvy and many patterns don't work for me but this one is definitely designed with a woman's body in mind.

As my first attempt at intarsia I'm just guessing but it seemed that the 1824 Cotton's nubby texture aided in making the colour changes look nice and even as the bumps in the yarn kind of grabbed and held each other - I imagine this wouldn't be the case for a smooth cotton yarn.

The way the neckline is installed to continue the graphic up the collar is easy and effective. I was afraid it wouldn't sit properly on the shoulder and/or neck but it's fine.

Similarly the arm holes don't gape and they provide enough coverage that I don't feel like I need to keep adjusting anything while wearing it.

I am a tight English style knitter - the cotton is hard on my hands and I hurt my wrist close to the end of the knitting. While I was working on this my knitting opportunities were fairly limited. Despite this it was just 2 1/2 weeks from store to blocking. It was a fun knit - the circles being quite entertaining all the while it was on the needles. Fortunately my wrist brace didn't interfere with all the sewing in of ends. More care with loading the bobbins would have avoided a lot of the ends I had to deal with. I'll anticipate that aspect better next time I work with intarsia.

I was reading somewhere on line that weaving in cotton ends doesn't work because they quickly work their way out again. As I worked the back I did as that article recommended and tied square knots and closely trimmed the ends whenever I joined a newly loaded bobbin. They stayed tight throughout the knitting of that side and the collar so I adopted the system for the front as well. I may add a touch of fray check at the end of each trimmed piece. I am quite paranoid this knotting and trimming approach won't work. I'll have to just wait and see (and keep a close eye on those joins) I guess.

The numerous ends at collar and bottom edges though were carefully woven in and away from the slightly rolled edge (after tying square knots) so if the inside is ever visible due to rolling there aren't stubby ends sticking out on view.

So it was fun, it fits and it was quick. I'm even wearing it today en route back to the cottage. Hopefully today's trip will be shorter and sweeter than the epic journey last weekend!

Bonbon is on deck for completion over the next couple of days. We will have a house load of friends visiting the kids but that should actually free up some time for me.

Thanks for dropping by - FO's are exciting but more fun to have other knitters with whom to share them! Happy knitting everyone!


Acorn to Oak said...

Your sweater turned out nice and fits really well. That's great that it only took 2 1/2 weeks to complete. Sounds like a fun project to do.

Stephanie said...

What a nice tank! I'm glad it fits so well. And I'm impressed by how quickly you finished it. It is great to share finished objects!

Kathy said...

Fantastic execution, and so speedy! Congrats.

Sandra said...

very nice! Glad you shared it - it's great to see people get to FO status!

Amy said...

Wow, it's gorgeous! Great job.