Its all in how you look at it...

No matter where these goggles are lying on the dock I feel like they are looking at me.

In the manual for my husband's vehicle it says that this is a beverage holder...

I see it a little differently...
When I'm at the cottage over weekends in the spring and autumn it feels like that location is the holiday spot. By this point in the summer though, when I'm only spending 24 hours a week in the city, the house starts to feel like the place where I'm taking the "break" from routine. Whatever my state of mind or point of view though, I arrive in the city with a massive list of things to get done in a big hurry before its time to hit the highway again. I know its going to be busy enough that I actually leave the knitting behind at the cottage (except the obligatory car sock knitting!). I did undertake a new, fun little project at the cottage I hope to be able to post about it as an FO next week.

My knitting basket looks empty in terms of yarn and needles but the time of year, as the colder weather undeniably starts to creep up on us along with the launch of new patterns and yarns means its absolutely overflowing with potential.
I'm trying to come at my next big project from the point of view of what my wardrobe needs rather than just what might amuse me and my needles to make...
  • More wool socks are definitely required.
  • If "Honeycomb" goes well I can see making another vest or two to wear under blazers before coat season really sets in.
  • A couple of biggish woolly, cabled sweaters for the coldest months would be nice.
  • I would get a lot of wear out of some finer weight cardigans or even pullovers.
Playing around with possibilities in my mind rather than being tortured with obligations to WIP's is a very pleasant way to be as I finish the few bits and pieces I have left lying around.

Last night I visited the updated spots on my blog roll and was inspired at the idea of Cables at Knitting to Stay Sane and a consideration of the importance of "wooliness" at Knitting on Impulse. Crochet caught my eye at Crazy Crocheter and the numerous references to Ysolda's "Little Birds" sweater on Twist has me thinking about doing some more colour work (I must have now fully recovered from sewing in the ends of Bonbon and Imprint last month!)

Anyway I look at it, it feels like high knitting season is about to begin and its going to be a good one all around!

In the meantime I plan to enjoy the moment, the little projects, Tomato, Corn on the Cob and Peach Season during the weeks of summer still to come.

Finally in my little study on point of view in this post, how do you see the following? Our little lake took 4 direct hits of lightening during an early evening storm this past week. The bolts were palpable to people in their cottages along the shore and it blew out an underwater cable that runs from the side of the lake serviced by towers over to the side without. You could say those cottages were unfortunate enough to have their power knocked out.

Or you could say they were lucky that specialized boats are nearby ready to be launched with crews equipped and trained to replace such a cable so service is pretty quickly restored. Whether things seem good or bad I think is often determined by how you look at it isn't it?

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Anonymous said...

Nice job repurposing the 'beverage holder'. Perfect for socks!

Cables, colour work, mmmm, it is all so yummy! Have fun with whatever you decide. I am itching for another cable project but am making myself do something plain stockinette in between so the cable love affair stays strong.