BO all sts.

Ah that magical moment in a knitting project when the post it note moves to just beneath the little line that reads "BO all sts".

Ask a non knitter what that collection of letters means and they won't have a clue of the power in what they're reading.

At the singular moment when I read that line I can experience a variety of emotions.

Sometimes its "oh I wish this project wouldn't end", perhaps more often its "thank goodness that's done". Sometimes it just a plain and simple "phew!"

With Bonbon and its stranded colour work it was actually a fleeting sensation of satisfaction because immediately after that line came another...

"Weave in ends"

So I set up everything on the screened porch. Its "outside" in the fresh air and breeze with three sides of screening but safely protected from the raging mosquitos this summer's wet weather is helping to sustain. A pot of hot coffee and the birds for intermittent entertainment through the binoculars were all I needed to crawl through that uninspiring bit of business.So Bonbon is done at last but the FO post will have to wait. We're just back in the city and the week's laundry from two locations - city and lakeside - must be attended to before I can spend time Soaking and blocking. I must admit I'm eager to see what the process does to the colour work as well as the large sections of plain stockinette.

By the way it was so nice to come home to comments on Imprint. Thank you!


Stephanie said...

Wow, I'm amazed you managed to sit outside and get all those ends woven in. You hear so much of people putting it off and putting it off. Nice work on getting it all done quickly–that definitely takes fortitude. :)

Acorn to Oak said...

Wow! Another sweater? You're fast! I can't wait to see it.

Your screened porch sounds like a wonderful place to spend time and knit. You painted such a wonderful picture with the scenery, the breeze, the birds, the coffee, and the knitting. Ahhhh! :)

Good luck with that laundry. :-)