Ready for the Long Weekend!

I prepared for our long Red and White weekend by heading to a local spot that's themed around another colour
It also happens to have some yarn and related items for viewing, squeezing, coveting and it turns out for me - buying!
With Bonbon, the Helix Socks and poor Henry shoved out of sight into a special place I call "denial" I had no business making new purchases - never mind starting to swatch for one!

But it was graduation week for everyone around here and they were all getting awards and acknowledgments and so I thought it was only fitting that I get a little present too - even if my most recent graduation was in the last century!
The store is one of the most welcoming I've visited in Toronto. There were quite a few people enjoying the atmosphere and the snacks - one woman even put her knitting down and came over to help me with my decisions (or indecisions depending on how you want to look at it). I got to "meet" Glenna C.'s "Glowing" up close and personal. (LOVE the way Fiona Ellis' designs are constructed - in this case the way the hood evolves from the front of the sweater. )
I planned the trip as my school year end treat in preparation for summer knitting. It didn't disappoint. Too bad I was so wiped that I couldn't keep my eyes open long enough to knit anything last night but then that's the way its been for the last couple of weeks. Sometimes the mind is indeed willing when the flesh is weak!


Anonymous said...

Hurray! I'm glad you had such a great visit at the Purl and in Toronto. It is one of my favourite spots and favourite cities :)

Sandra said...

I ven't been to the Purl yet - I'm a little farther north, and we have such great yarns stores here, it's hard to go elsewhere.
And there's nothing at all wrong with swatching for new projects - "denial" has a place in my house as well!

Stephanie said...

I hear so much about these awesome yarn shops in Toronto. Geez, couldn't they spread out a bit more? ;) Glad you had a good time!