Ignoring Henry

I was so hoping to have a finished pair of black socks by now. Despite working on them exclusively over the oh so snowy weekend that goal still eludes me . Shovelling and skiing and movie watching ate into my time and those socks need full light and fully rested attention. They are not the stuff of knitting on the road either. If they deteriorate into ripping back it is into blinding blackness where I almost instantly loose my bearings and things seem to quickly get worse than the original problem I was trying to fix.

In the mean time there is basket full of red alpaca that's screaming at me but I must hold firm and remain faithful and just be satisfied and motivated by the possibility of it later in the week. Look at the halo around that skinny little line of cast on stitches! Look at the prospect of that little swatch of herringbone stitches. Henry is calling me but I am determined to make him wait his turn!