Lets just say "Phew!"

There was a ton of travelling for us - plus the summer up north at the cottage.

In July, Number One Son, returned from two years in England, in September left for a month in L.A. and then arrived baaaaaaak! Its so great to have him home again!

Carving out studio/storage space for him and his many endeavours meant rethinking/jigging so many things it was like moving house. Plus there's the comings/goings/appetites of he and his friends at all hours while keeping things on the rails for the business-week drill the other two "house mates" (sister and dad) have going.

Entertaining, work-related social committments and even Hudson's calendar were also epic all year long.

We helped out with preparations for the summer wedding of Darling Daughter's closest friends. During that week, we were also robbed, resulting in the loss of my 2 year old all-in-one desktop containing 30,000 photos and I don't even know how many knitting patterns. Retrieving, re-storing and sorting out what to do about all of it going forward is a huge job I'm still working through.

2016 also saw me really lean into cooking/making our diet even more local, seasonal, healthier, ethical and humane. Establishing these new habits has taken so much more effort than I thought it would!

As for purchases other than groceries, its never been more important to me to support businesses and jurisdictions that treat people, animals and the environment carefully, ethically and fairly. Dollars are powerful ballots of a sort and I'm determined to cast ours with a purpose beyond just getting stuff.

Knitting can be a big part of that whole equation and when my Ravelry page tells me many FO's* were practical over inspired, that a few were gifts and there were even donations to our local Syrian refugee support programs I feel like it really was.

I don't remember much about knitting any of it. 'Guess I'm now sufficiently adept at avoiding overly ambitious projects and successfully making those within my capacities that I can knit while avoiding memorable struggles!

So may as well up the ante. I'm going to trying making a (mostly) hand made wardrobe.

Many knitters are doing this of course and there are so many resources on line I've been trying to figure out the best ones for me.

Unlike knitting, I don't enjoy sewing very much. But I have the skills, the time and I'm equipped to do it (currently 4 sewing machines in this house, the most recent addition being a commercial machine on loan to Number One Son!)

I've made a few small efforts but there's really no excuse not to jump right in and see what happens.

So that's the plan going forward. Knit, Sew, Cook (EAT!)and of course hang out with Hudson. I plan to get back to posting too. Last year I drafted many posts about a range of things that weren't essentially about knitting so I never put them up. Now I don't think I'll hold this space to that kind of standard any more. How exactly it might look, I'm not really sure but with this post I've decided not to wait until all the t's are crossed and i's dotted. Instead, like my grand wardrobe plans I'm jumping in and I'll see what happens from here!

2017 Here I come!

*4 sweaters, 3 hats, 2 colour work cowls, 2 headbands, a pair of fingerless mitts, a pair of thrummed mitts and a colour work pair, 2 blankets, 2 embellished felted bowls and 3 trivets, 4 pot scrubbers, 3 dishcloths and a pair of men's 2x2 ribbed socks.


Wadda Ya Know...I've Actually Made Some Stuff!

Despite being here there and everywhere I have been finding time and opportunities to finish things...

...This infant tomten/hat set and accompanying receiving blanket was done in time for gifting to an Australian friend we saw in Nantes France for her new grandson back home in Melbourne...

This "Jessamin" linen cardi saw completion over several hours of train travel through France in early July and its seen a lot of wear ever since...

Hudson prefers if knitting and the knitter just stay home!

Here at the cottage we spend hours every day in the ski boat dragging Number One Son around the lake. Its windy and bumpy but it can yield a good amount of knitting time for mindless stockinette so while watching stuff like this...

He isn't attached to that wake skate board - its just grip tape and running shoes and somehow he makes it do all kinds of things.

And this...

By contrast - this happens at 32 miles an hour with both feet strapped into that ski.

And while spending time in the car and on the road I got this "Daelyn" pullover done in a couple of weeks...

Meanwhile the "Gift for the Girls Blanket" grew too big to move from the cottage but it is done and ready for the wedding in the woods ten days from now...

Ditto Darling Daughter's Bride's Maid dress The shot below shows it in progress at the cottage where it saw the bulk of its post-toile construction...

There have also been a number of these "Tawashi Knots" produced...

A great little project with a fun new yarn...more on that and details of the other pieces to come of course but for now at least I'm up and blogging!



'Doesn't Feel Right Just Now

I've been writing posts over the past weeks about knitting, about adventures with Hudson, dipping my toe back into sewing clothes for myself. Yesterday I wrote about our trip to France last week. This morning I planned to add photos and post it.

But every time I'm set to hit "Publish" it seems another terrible event occurs somewhere in the world making me feel small and selfish to go on about stitching with linen or running around with my my crazy-fluffy white poodle.

There is so much sadness and pain about, some of which we've been close to just a very few days ago.

Last week we were in France. Our trip started in Nantes where we were part of an international group. There I had, as my dinner companions one night, some Texans from Dallas and the conversations eventually turned to gun control and semi automatic weapons and of course just hours later, the horrible shootings occurred there.

At lunch one day a representative from Instanbul spoke to the assembly, encouraging people to visit her city with assurances of security.

Waiting for a train to Paris I spoke with a man from San Diego who expressed concern about his Republican Party back home.

In Paris we enjoyed beautiful summer days and evenings, watched Euro Cup games in open air cafes and visited museums crammed with tourists from across the globe. All friendly and peaceable.

But there were armed police patrolling the streets and guarding facilities, full body scans and bag checks necessary to gain access to department stores.

Refugee families, with small children, sat on the streets begging, young refugee men trying to make any money they could selling cold bottled water and beer to tourists.

On our flight home a young teenaged boy sitting with his dad in the seats across the aisle from us had a violent seizure. He received immediate care from generous doctors and paramedics on the flight but I'm haunted by the image of his parents, sister and grandparents enduring the hours and hours remaining in the flight and I keep hoping he's now okay.

Meanwhile,  Number One Son is currently travelling home today after two years in Europe. He'll take two trains and three flights to get here and he's already been delayed at the Paris Airport where he'll likely now spend the night. I'll figuratively holding my breath until he arrives but it isn't lost on me, unlike so many others, we are among the luckiest of parents this morning.