Answer: "Pressure".


"How can stitching creamy cables for Number One Son be a soul sucking chore?" 

I've got to find a way to enjoy this despite the urgency to get it done!

'Something to think about while I take a certain someone on their morning walk.


Lucky Girl

French Darning/Embroidery thread from Loop of London picked up and carried home here for me by Number One Son for Christmas. 50% Wool with zero sheen. Love it.

Also love the book - as many stitches as I'll ever use - a gift from My Beloved also under the tree.

I must resist diving into these goodies though as I've got to stick with cabled knitting for the weekend and break the back of this sweater so I'm onto the sleeves next week sometime.

Right after I drop down to correct that mis-crossed cable...

'Lucky to catch that when it was still quick and easy to fix!


"Rikke" by Sarah Young FO

"Rikke" by Sarah Young
Source: Free Pattern on Ravelry
Yarn:Cascade 220, Cascade 220 Heathers
Colours: Pink, White, Dark Grey
Source: Knit O Matic
Start:December 14 Finish: December 18, 2015
Modifications: Added Furry Pom to the top and used Worsted Weight Yarn

Another hat. Another Christmas knit - kind of spontaneous - possibly prompted by the furry poms available at Knit-O-Matic when I stopped in to drop off my donations for the Syrian Refugees.

Very, very well received by my SIL at the big family gift exchange - no doubt enhanced by her fashionable DIL's gushing but I'll take it however I can get it!

Aside from all that, the approach to this garter stitch pattern, shamelessly copied from  "Woolythistle"  rests on how purl bumps appear when paired with bumps of a different shade , tone or colour on alternating rounds. I could see this being quite entertaining to explore (if I wasn't busy cabling my brains out these days!)

Colour play aside "Rikke" is a comfortable, well fitting hat.

I added one of these wee little tags picked up when I purchased the yarn and the pom. I was surprised by how well I liked it on the outside at the back.

Knocking off these backlogged FO posts is feeling good!

Thanks for dropping by!