Rainbow Olympics "Nethergarments" by Elizabeth Zimmerman FO

Pattern: "Nethergarments" by Elizabeth Zimmerman
Source: Knitter's Almanac
Yarn: Assorted Worsted Remnants
Needles: 4 mm
Start: February 8 Finish: September 22, 2014

Stripes! Colours! Remnants! All fun gauge-based knitting according to simple length/circumference measurements all through the Russian Olympics right up until I hit the shaping for the hips and waist. The striping stopped and the frequent exercise of taking the thing off the circular, putting it onto string, trying it on, taking measurements, doing calculations, putting it back on the circ...blah, blah blah, spring came and I got distracted...you know how that can happen right?

Anyway...during the fun Olympic bits 'meted out yarn quantities/colours so colour changes were balanced without matching.

'Used the brights to enhance the shape of the legs and the darks to minimize more expansive sections.

As ever, 'enjoyed EZ's "Pithy" directions and recalling the origin of each remnant as I knitted it in.

The few runs to work out something for the waist were aimed at getting a low rise to keep bulk to a minimum without sacrificing fit or comfort. I'm happy with what resulted via...

  • Two little "v"'s of extra stitches at the back for extra room where there's extra "me".
  • 12 short rows divided into 2 groups of 6 rows each separated by 4 rounds straight for extra rise at the back. (The downward swoop of the red illustrates the short rows pretty clearly below...

  • 2x2 ribbing started after that point draws in the shape to follow mine in a forgiving, comfortable way.
  • Finally decreased 1" each side then 2" at centre back nipping things in further before adding eyelets and binding off.
  • Eyelets accomplished via binding off the first stitch of each pair of purls in the ribbing on one round, replacing it with a YO on the next round.
  • Atop the eyelets 'used a contrast colour for one round straight before binding off.

I admit I could have fiddled with the fit/rise endlessly lower down on the butt/thigh sections adding decreases and spacing between them to eradicate the need for so much ribbing but EZ's have a wide band of ribbing and honestly, the slightly negative ease of the fit on these is fine so this is how they'll stay.

Prior to giving them their Eucalan bath and blocking I wore them for an hour or so with no issues related to itchiness. After the Eucalan they're softer still, totally comfortable and warm!

Did I also mention these were free? Right down to the drawstring, made entirely from leftovers.

Like I said, lots of fun! Can't wait to wear them!
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Thoughts of "The Harvest" Running Through My Mind

As I'm picking out the cuffs and collar of "Shearer" harvesting yarn enough to finish my "Devlan-made-of-remnants" two thoughts keep running through my head...

"Am I really doing this? 
Partially dismantling this knit, over which I slaved and that I finished less than a year ago?"


Isn't knitting just the best that it allows for adjusting and improving one garment while making it possible to complete another!

I'm also quite pleased with the results on the first cuff. I played with it a bit, decreasing to a single purl stitch between the K2's of the cables while leaving pairs of purls to separate them. I think the result is more elegant than the boxier original 2x2 ribbing.

Good thing too because I need something positive to focus on as I still don't know if I'm gaining enough yardage for Devlan and trying to knit with my fingers crossed messes up my gauge! ;)

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"Deco" Cardigan by Kate Davies FO

Source: Kate Davie's Website
Yarn: 6 balls Sadnes Garn Tove
Source: Romni Wools Toronto
Colour: Green
Needles: 2 mm, 2.5mm, 3mm circulars
Size: 44?!
Start: April 2013 Finish: August 2014
Modifications: Added 2" to length/Changed sleeves to cropped length

Can't believe this piece has been done for two months and I'm just now posting it! Absolutely everything about this project has taken longer than expected to complete.

As for the sweater itself (rather than the process of making it) I've gone on and on and on about its issues in past posts already so suffice to say now that...
  • "Tove" is beyond fabulous, 'really makes the sweater, so glad I fretted over choosing it.
  • As reported on Ravelry, the pattern knits small, so small that with gauge and a very severe blocking, all but the sleeves were knit twice - the 2nd time in a size 6" larger than I wanted.
In the end, I have a cropped, boxy, almost shrug like cardi rather than the standard fitting, neat cardigan I was originally "going for". Its still a wee bit narrow through the bust but I'm nonetheless happy with the result for a few reasons...
  • The colour! Very tricky to capture on film (hence the delay in getting FO shots that actually represent how the thing looks) but just as pictured in the pattern - fresh and modern, classic and a little bit vintage. Love it!
  • The buttons! Ditto the colour. Beyond that, I like their slightly over sized appearance. The balance between slightly big buttons and cropped cardi pleases me immensely.

  • The gros grain ribbon facings! I resisted the urge to get something with a multicoloured print and I'm so pleased with how the gros grain echoes the lines of the slipped stitch detail without "shouting" and drawing attention away from the yarn and knitting. The facings really make the sweater front hang beautifully too.
Love how the slipped stitches of the yoke work with and into the detail around the collar!

As for the knitting, the yarn made it wonderful right up to the point where I was doing the short rows at the shoulders the second time. At that point, nothing could make up for doing the short rows for the shoulders for the second time. GAHHHHH!

I chose the pattern for all the interesting knitterly details and I did learn from doing them (twice!).

Isn't it clever that she visually mimics ribbing around the bottom and cuffs using the slipped stitch motif of the yoke?! It gives that classic impression of ribbing while maintaining a nice boxy line and matching the rest of the sweater.

Finally, how refreshing to work up and wear a DK rather than worsted weight piece.

Going forward I'll have an eye out for patterns using DK yarn and I'll continue to check out Kate Davies patterns but only with a clear understanding that whatever it looks like on her site, her sizing and my "sizing" do not match! Lesson learned!

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