Me Made May

On the last day of May I kind of dipped my toe into the thing.

I went to The Workroom (conveniently down the street from Romni) and for the first time in decades, bought myself a couple of sewing patterns.

"Me Made May 2016" blog posts wherein the bloggers/instagrammers put up photos of themselves every day in May wearing their own hand made clothes is prompting me to work up casual basics like tops, tanks, pj's, maybe even the odd simple skirt or dress.

I'm likely late in discovering the world of indie sewing pattern drafting. It seems an echo of the explosion in knitting patterns early in the 2000's but now pairing hand knits and home sewn pieces.

For a while, and for all the fair trade/ethical/shop local reasons, I've also been weaning myself from mass produced/marketed clothing and department/chain store shopping. Its been more of a challenge than I imagined and I hope sewing some stuff will help make it easier.

This is what I've now assembled so far...

The amazing hand dyed indigo from London, I think is going to become a swingy tank...

...possibly lined so as to keep indigo from rubbing off on me and my clothes.

Gauzy plaid cotton will be a lightweight, sun blocking scarf edged with embroidery using the French floss Number One Son gave me from Loop last Christmas...

...This fabric/yarn combo I've already shown you now has a sewing pattern for the top portion of my own top/cardi set.

Then in a fit of optimism I picked up a roll of sewable tracing paper-type stuff from Sweden with which to duplicate patterns for re-use or even to make up some of my own from existing pieces I need to replace but the fit/function of which I love.

I want to sew up at least a couple of these things to "warm up" my technique before tackling Darling Daughter's Bride's maid dress.

Fun and exciting, colourful things to ponder as I take a break from afghan knitting. Another baby has been born into our social orbit so my trip to Romni yesterday yielded yarn for Tom Ten Jacket IV.

Not a lot of colour here either but the yarn's 50% cotton content is novel in my hands, the prospect of a sweatshirt vibe in the FO is engaging and the creamy cotton wool planned for a little hat is lifting my knitting spirits even more.

And so onward!