Pit a Pat

So many things happening that have had my heart racing...London with Number One Son, new adventures with Hudson...and now, after almost 8 months, we're finally headed back to the cottage!

I've been working on posts about much of it but they've been so meaty they're taking forever.

Next week will be short and once again jammed with fun stuff. Nonetheless I'm hoping to hit the "publish" button on something.

In the meantime...this...

Which had my heart pounding the second I saw it.... evidence of Hudson paying full attention in a competition ring! (And the hundred other shots of the run show him maintaining that focus for most of it!)

Literally, years of effort paying off, all summed up in one photo!

"Pit A Pat" indeed!

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back!
Looking forward to your new posts.
LisaRR (not a robot)