"Pro" Baking Tip

After letting bread rise for the final time it best to remove plastic wrap before baking...

"Granola Round", Flavoured Breads by Linda Collister

...Because it's quite fiddly picking it off afterwards. (At least this loaf - for weekend toasting and honey drizzling is almost clean!)

Have a good weekend. That's what I'm planning to do. Thanks for dropping by!


Needles said...

Oh dear. I must say that this brings back memories of a bottle of wine, a winter storm and a very stuck car. My dear hubby made vegetable spring rolls for dinner. In the packaging. Best non meal I ever had.

Brendaknits said...

LOL. Brings back memories for me too. My Anunt and Uncle had gone away for the weekend and left their 3 teenage boys home alone. My Mother suggested I invite them over for dinner. Despite having steaks ready to cook at home, they came to our house. I cooked hot dogs. And warmed the buns in the oven while still inside the cellophane package. Traumatic experience for the boys, it seems, as 50 years later they still remind me of it at every family reunion.