Gift for the Girls

The wedding gift blanket is progressing.

Meanwhile I mourn the blanket that was to be but won't (at least not immediately).

Darling Daughter says the current one is just exactly what  the recipients will like/relate to so I need to focus on having that vs. something for me. (This is so much harder than it should be for an otherwise mature adult hmmmm...)

I've finished knitting three of the nine balls so I'm 30% in and feel like that's a decent head start.

A week and half working loooong rows has been hard on my hands and caused no end of knotting up across my shoulders so I'm switching up how I knit row by row.

On the straight knitted rows I'm working Continental style.

Purls rows; throwing with my hand atop the right needle.

Combination knit, purl rows; throwing with my right hand in a pencil grip.

Plus I'm making a point of getting up/moving around more aiming to knit just one ball per week into the thing.

At that rate it will still be finished before summer/weeks before the wedding.

Meanwhile I'm hatching a plan to make a spot for some kind of commemorative label in the final garter border. It could be something I knit into it or something maybe felted and applied or maybe hand embroidered/duplicate stitched.

It could include simple graphics copied from the wedding invitation or a heart with initials, the date of the wedding?...not sure yet. Still lots of time to think on that.

Little amusements all..."small things for small minds" they say.

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Steven said...

I like the idea of changing up your knitting styles to keep away the repetitive motion problems. I'm working on same small-scale lace right now, and it's just ruining my neck! Can't really switch it up with lace, but I'm going to keep this in mind. My throwing could always use some practice! That blanket is going to be beautiful -- and much appreciated, I'm sure.