Eeeny Meeny Miney Moe

Post op issues and our persistent "wintery weather mix" have had me knitting, sewing, cooking, baking bread and working with the dog at home for weeks now.

Its been refreshingly quiet (and delicious!).

Thing is, its about to get warmer and busier. The garden will be needing attention (because there won't be snow falling on it every week), the cottage will open (because the ice will break up, go off the lake and allow us to access the cottage, as we must, by boat), we have some travel planned and there are dog trials to do with Hudson.

I need to get organized if I'm going to have knitting going as well.

So as I lower the setting on blanket knitting from "boil" to "simmer" I'm reacquainting myself with with "My Elmont" and "Daelyn" - two great sweater projects I'd like to get back to after setting them aside months ago.

Fingering weight Elmont had me worried the first sleeve was too narrow but is it really? What if I blocked what I've got and everything was fine and I had a piece that was half finished just sitting there waiting? 'Need to get to the bottom of that question.

Then there's Daelyn, in the most magically coloured/thick/thin Noro yarn ever. (Have to admit that yarn is calling to me!)

The top down hit the ground running format was too demanding of attention during an otherwise busy/distracted period so that's how it got shuffled off into hibernation. Right now though, the yarn's little hits of colour would be so fun to see on the needles...

It's time to be wearing rather than knitting these - 'time to take some time, dig into those project bags and decide which one I'll attend to first. There's a project for the weekend.

'Hope you have a good one!

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Anonymous said...

I'll be curious to see which way the project compass swings.
They are all good options!