"Turn a Square" Hat by Jared Flood FO

Patttern: "Turn a Square" by Jared Flood
Source: Free Ravelry Download
Yarn: Miscellaneious Remnant Worsted Wool
Needles: 4.0, 4.5mm circular, 4.5mm dpns
Start: March 11 Finish: March 11, 2016
Modifications: extended band to 1.5", added 1 row of MC between each CC stripe.

One recent Saturday morning I pulled together this little sack of equal toned remnants with the printed pattern I queued years ago. Ravelry says almost 18,000 of these have already been knit - time to get to it!

As a pattern designed to use up remnant yarn, the necessary quantity of contrast colour yarn is given in weight rather than "balls" which made it easy to switch from the self striping Noro of the pattern to equal toned, separate remnants...

I wanted something a bit softer looking than the original snug design so...
  • Lengthened the ribbed section 'round the bottom 
  • Added another round of black between each coloured stripe.
Having a full day of Saturday "stuff" to do, I then resolved to stitch this little piece whenever I did sit down that day. So by the time I went to sleep that Saturday night I had a new hat!

My slouchier fit lets the "square" hang down the back rather than sitting atop the head all but hidden from sight of my tallest friends...

And the feather lightness doesn't mess with my hair either! This one is all good, now posted and gone from my queue!


Brendaknits said...

Wow. I didnt realize I was so behind in reading your posts. I'll try to get caught up- in reverse chronological order.
Love the hat. It's a years ago queued one for me too. Like your mods- Jared's version has always seemed a bit skimpy to my eyes.
The chicks are cute. You are a very thoughtful sister.
Now the cooking. Wow! It all sounds so delicious. And how clever that you've kept a record. The photo of the hot cross buns had me salivating. I went gluten free a year ago due to some digestive issues and really really miss breads, buns, baguettes.

Steven said...

I made one of these about 5 years ago. Tried to find it a few weeks back and couldn't. But I do think it needed to be a wee bit longer. Beautiful color combination you put together here!

Anonymous said...

I love this hat - your colours are great.
I wear the one I knit for myself a lot.
I gave a number of them away too.